The Intersport Ski Arena awaits the skiers with excellent ski slopes and outstanding snow condition in the new year as well. More Shorter

So far in this season they have produced altogether 118.000 m3 technical snow. Thanks to this all of the ski slopes, except one slope, can be used. The length of the slopes is 6,1 km, from which 4 km is enlightened during the night skiing.

The thickness of compressed snow is 80 cm, which does not melt during the mild weather during the day. The four-seated Audi Sport Chairlift, two surface lifts and two instructor lifts are operating.

All of their services are operating. Equipment can be rented straight next to the slope at the Intersport Ski Rental, their instructors await the students. It is worthy to book equipment from home. By the online reservation there is no need to wait for the equipment, because that is already done by the arrival of the guests.

The snow has a high quality and it is stable, definitely will last long. The snowy and frosty landscape gives a fantastic experience.

They continue the work in minus degrees as well, they have started firstly the 2016/2017 ski-season among the Hungarian ski slopes at 8. December, 2016.

The four-seated Audi Sport Chairlift is operating, all of the two surface lifts and the instructor lifts. The capacity of the lifts is 7350 people per hour.

The cold weather seems to stay, so they will use the snow cannons steadily. They thicken the snow at the A1 slope, as well as they continue to cover every slope with snow. The Q3 slope is going to be ready soon and the A7 slope is under construction, too.

First of all they concentrate to use the snow cannon on the main A1 slope that can be reached by the four-seated Audi Sport Chairlift. Moreover nr. 1 surface lift will go up to the middle part of the slope.

Of course the training slope will be open with the constructor lift. This means an 1150 meter long ski slope. They will not stop producing snow after the opening. As the weather allows they will cover more and more slopes with snow.

The visitors can enjoy the unique atmosphere of a hütte, all of their restaurants are open: Holle Anyó Étterme, Holle Anyó Pizzeria, Kemencés Büfe, Das Weltauto Körvár, grillbüfe.

It worth to visit the Ski Arena on weekdays, because fewer skiers are on the slopes, not like during the weekend, and in addition the tickets are advantageous on weekdays.

On Wednesdays and Fridays they organize late night skiing, the skiers can ski on the slopes till 10 pm.

On 15. January, 2017 the Intersport Ski Arena waits the guests with family programs and interesting shows on the occasion of Snow Day.

Among the planned programs are snow sculpturing, spectacular ice carving show, snowy games of skill, ratrak show and cross-country skiing. Those, who like extreme sport, will not be disappointed. A freestyle snowboard show will be held in the snowpark, which is built up for this event.



Further events in the 2016/2017 season:

10.01.2017 Snow-goer Cup

20.01.2017 Night VIP event

24.01.2017 Snow-goer Cup

28.01.2017 Várpalota’s Snow-friend Cup – amateur ski race

Address: 8413 Eplény