In every spring Zoo Veszprém is full of life, because the animals, which spent the winter in their winter yard, can be seen in their aerial yard. More Shorter

The bears came out of their caves and with them we also wake up from our winter-sleep. On weekends there are outdoor programs and Zoo Veszprém will be the continual target of the families with children.

Zoo wakes up with the nature. We can see the sunbather lesser pandas, ibexes, kangaroos, or the group of spotted deer.

Zoo shows its new face in spring. People must take a big walk, but if the weather becomes cold, there are buildings, which were built in the last years and there are heated visitors place in it. In here the visitors can warm up and they can see the animals through the glass wall. For example the children’s favourite the 300 square metres Children Jungle playhouse and terrarium, the Elephant house or the Africa house, where people can see the giraffes. Zoo Veszprém is a one day long complex family program, visitors can spend 5 or 6 hours in the 30 acres field.

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Kittenberger u. 17.
Phone number: +36 88/566-140
Megérkezett Veszprémbe a Steinway zongora

Veszprém Steinway piano was showed to the general public

The two and half year long fundraising had been ended successfully, and Veszprém had taken the exam to very good from togetherness. More Shorter

The City of Queens had obtained an international standard, premium quality musical instrument, which was showed before the general public on the evening of 25 January.

In a gala concert was showed before the Veszprém audience the Steinway & Sons grand piano, whose buying was by public subscription on the initiative of the Veszprém for Concert Hall Foundation and Veszprém Tourism Association.

After the Veszprém TV’s – showing the way of success – short film came next the evening first program: Hungarian Dance the composition of Pál Kadosa in the performance of Eszter Csilinkó. Eszter is the ten-year-old student of the Csermák Antal Music School. Beside her musical success she can be proud herself on that she was the first, who could play on the Veszprém piano before the audience.


According to the mayor not just the musical instrument is a miracle, but the way to the success, too. We can be proud to that we are part of this community.


Sándorné Neubauer, the president of the Veszprém Tourism Association, said that it is a great feeling to stand here with that awareness that before three years a group had dreamt became to reality. She said in her speech how many private person and organization with what manifold method supported the buying of the musical instrument.


We have got a Hangvilla, in which there is an orchestra and there are concerts, we should have a piano – Péter Kovács, the president of the Veszprém for Concert Hall had spoken from the idea and the excitement, which was felt when the fundraising had stopped for a small time, but strengthened again, and in the end there was nothing but they should travel to Hamburg and chose the city’s musical instrument.


The piano, which arrived in Veszprém, is the permanent part of the concert podium with its unique play technique of the Steinway & Sons piano. In the world’s concert halls the 95 per cent of the musicians choose Steinway piano. The artwork, which was in 80 per cent handmade and it has got about 17 000 pieces’, was showed by Jenő Nyári pianist, and he said that which points of view he had when he choose it.


Why Steinway is a Steinway and why just a Steinway is a Steinway? About 4 000 pianos had made in the company’s factory in Hamburg and New York every year. This is a low number, if we take into account that a Japanese company make a half million pianos every year.


However Steinway could maintain those values, which they began: handwork, accuracy and the consideration of quality over quantity.



Address: 8200 Veszprém, Brusznyai u. 2.
E-kiadványok Veszprémről

E-brochures about Veszprém

Download the Tourinform Veszprém's free brochures! More Shorter


Do you want to spend your leisure time in Veszprém, but you do not know where to stay? Would you like to taste delicious ice cream or drink high-quality wine? The Dine & Stay helps you to find all of these, you can read about Veszprém's accommodation and catering facilities. 

If you are planning to visit Veszprém, our brochure will help you, which you can download from here.


Have you been to our city before? If not, this is a great opportunity to discover its treasures! We have created this brochure to be your informative and helpful Travel Companion during your visit to Veszprém.

If you have visited Veszprém in the past, you will surely remember the Castle and the Zoo fondly. Nevertheless, our city has even more to offer! Here you will find a varied environment; you can take a walk in the romantic Séd Valley (Séd-völgy) or admire the sights of the Bakony Mountains and Lake Balaton. At the same time, the city is regarded as the home of culture and festivals and is the right choice if you wish to spend your free-time actively.

You can download the brochure from here, also in french, russian and polish language.


Download a tourist map about the city of Queens also in spanish, italien and czech language.

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Óváros Square 2.
Phone number: +36 88 404 548
Megnyílt a Veszprémi Állatkert Dinó Parkja

The Zoo Veszprém’s Dinosaur Park opened

Hungary’s biggest dinosaur exhibition was opened ceremoniously in Zoo Veszprém. More Shorter

Mária Brányi vice mayor said in her welcome speech, that these dinosaurs lived in the same time just like the Placochelys placodonta, which was found in Veszprém in 1899 and this is the most famous fossil of Hungary. The exhibited sculptures in the Dinosaur Park demonstrate the nature of the Mesozoic, we can learn useful informations from the external tables from the dinosaurs. The aim of the project beyond the publicity is the performance of the experience, where the children can see the job of the paleontologists.

On the opening ceremony we host four Veszprém’s schools’ students, who came from the Szilágyi Erzsébet Keresztény Általános és Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola, Cholnoky Jenő Általános Iskola, Simonyi Zsigmond Ének-Zenei és Testnevelési Általános Iskola and Kozmutza Flóra Speciális Iskola to Zoo Veszprém. After the ribbon-cutting the guests were toured the 2 hectares area with the leading of Károly Csizmadia zooteacher, they could see firstly the life-sized sculptures. On the end of the walk the children could “unveils” from one of the most popular dinosaur, the T. Rex, after that they could go to the children’s tents.

In one of the tents the children can colour and paint dinosaurs, in the other tent they can carve dinosaur’s skeleton from plaster cast, and in the other tent we made a miniature digging, where the lucky ones can find treasures. The adventuresome children can ride on the dinosaurs’ backs, and the visitors can go into the mouth of the T. Rex in order to take a picture.

The entrance of the Dinosaur Park can find the Zoo’s Gulya Hill part, it can be approach after the Petting Zoo near the Chimpanzee World.

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Kittenberger str. 15.
Phone number: +36 88 566 140

Veszprém in short

Silent alleys, always ringing bells. Alongside the baileys with ambers there are modern houses with green grass. More Shorter

Awfulness king’s past and innovative, dynamic utopia. Come to know our various city, our undertaken legacy with proud; walk on the narrow streets and spacy places of Veszprém. A thousand experience wait for you in Veszprém!

Site of Veszprém

European Union, Hungary, Central Transdanubia, seat of Veszprém county

110 km from Budapest, to southwest

15 km from Lake Balaton, to north

25 km from Bakony hills, to south


GPS coordinates: 47.09456, 17.90612

The city of Queens is situated in the hills and valleys encircling the Séd stream, in the meeting of three small landscape: it is bordered from north the Bakony hills, from south the Balaton-felvidék, from east the northwest extension of the plain Mezőföld, the Veszprémi-fennsík. This centrality had an important role in the development of the city.

Veszprém is the highest situated county seat: its area is averagely 260 metres above the sea level. In the city there aren’t rare a 30-40 metres falls. This is especially outstanding on the south and east side of the Séd-valley, where because of the work of the northwest winds there are acclivity dolomite rocks.

Approach of Veszprém

By plane

Veszprém can be reach with 1,5 hour drive from the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, and from the Balaton Airprt in Sármellék, too. Budapest linked to the cities of Europe with direct flights, Sármellék welcomes charter flight from the most important sender countries.


On road

Veszprém is in the junction of several country’s main roads, which makes it easier to go Veszprém. The Highway M7 and Main Road Nr. 8 link the city with Budapest. From the capital city and the cities of Transdanube (Győr, Székesfehérvár, Szombathely, Siófok) Veszprém can be reached within 1 or 2 hours. Several scheduled bus service link Veszprém with Budapest and county seats.


By train

Veszprém situated in the Budapest-Szombathely railway line, on which several express trains go along. The city can be reach without change from the Slovenian capital city, Ljubjana. The Veszprém-Győr railway-line goes in the romantic valley of the Cuha-stream, which makes the travel to experience.


The number of residents



Twin cities

Bottrop(D), Gladsaxe (DK), Nitra (SK), Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve (B), Passau (D), Rovaniemi (FIN), Sepsziszentgyörgy (RO), Tarnów (PL), Tartu (EST), Tirat-Carmel (IL)


Partner cities

Ningbo (CN), Saumur (F)



Veszprém, the city of Queens

Veszprém – the origin of the name

The origin name of the city was Bezprem, which is a Slavin origin compound word. Its meaning is bumpy by our philologist. The myth name explanation of Bonfini (historian of King Matthias), which is the remembrance of Queen Gizella, is this: Queen Gizella had put away from the precious stones ornamented fur coat with this shout: “Vessz, prém!”, in order to conduce to the building cost of Saint Michael’s Cathedral. That opinion was widespread: Veszprém name came from the city’s fountain, the Fehér kút’s German name: “Weissbrunn”.


Highlighted sights

Veszprém Castle, Zoo Veszprém



The prestigious, French Gault & Millau Guide published its issue for 2017 that label restaurants, hotels as well as wineries and alternative catering establishments. More Shorter

Chianti Restarurant finished among the best 50 caterings with 13 points likewise in the previous year!

Two other restaurants from Veszprém were added to the Guide: the Oliva Hotel & Restaurant with 12 points and Villa Medici Hotel and Restaurant with 11 points are among the best 50 countryside restaurants. Veszprém is the only city, including the countryside’s big cities and county seats, where 3 restaurants achieved the great ranking.

Moreover the prominent French issue recommends the lately renewed Chianti Gusto Delicate shop!

In the hotel category the number of recommended accommodation in Veszprém was doubled: this year Oliva Hotel is on the list of the best 50 Transdanubian hotels besides Villa Medici Hotel.

Address: Veszprém


The Intersport Ski Arena awaits the skiers with excellent ski slopes and outstanding snow condition in the new year as well. More Shorter

So far in this season they have produced altogether 118.000 m3 technical snow. Thanks to this all of the ski slopes, except one slope, can be used. The length of the slopes is 6,1 km, from which 4 km is enlightened during the night skiing.

The thickness of compressed snow is 80 cm, which does not melt during the mild weather during the day. The four-seated Audi Sport Chairlift, two surface lifts and two instructor lifts are operating.

All of their services are operating. Equipment can be rented straight next to the slope at the Intersport Ski Rental, their instructors await the students. It is worthy to book equipment from home. By the online reservation there is no need to wait for the equipment, because that is already done by the arrival of the guests.

The snow has a high quality and it is stable, definitely will last long. The snowy and frosty landscape gives a fantastic experience.

They continue the work in minus degrees as well, they have started firstly the 2016/2017 ski-season among the Hungarian ski slopes at 8. December, 2016.

The four-seated Audi Sport Chairlift is operating, all of the two surface lifts and the instructor lifts. The capacity of the lifts is 7350 people per hour.

The cold weather seems to stay, so they will use the snow cannons steadily. They thicken the snow at the A1 slope, as well as they continue to cover every slope with snow. The Q3 slope is going to be ready soon and the A7 slope is under construction, too.

First of all they concentrate to use the snow cannon on the main A1 slope that can be reached by the four-seated Audi Sport Chairlift. Moreover nr. 1 surface lift will go up to the middle part of the slope.

Of course the training slope will be open with the constructor lift. This means an 1150 meter long ski slope. They will not stop producing snow after the opening. As the weather allows they will cover more and more slopes with snow.

The visitors can enjoy the unique atmosphere of a hütte, all of their restaurants are open: Holle Anyó Étterme, Holle Anyó Pizzeria, Kemencés Büfe, Das Weltauto Körvár, grillbüfe.

It worth to visit the Ski Arena on weekdays, because fewer skiers are on the slopes, not like during the weekend, and in addition the tickets are advantageous on weekdays.

On Wednesdays and Fridays they organize late night skiing, the skiers can ski on the slopes till 10 pm.

On 15. January, 2017 the Intersport Ski Arena waits the guests with family programs and interesting shows on the occasion of Snow Day.

Among the planned programs are snow sculpturing, spectacular ice carving show, snowy games of skill, ratrak show and cross-country skiing. Those, who like extreme sport, will not be disappointed. A freestyle snowboard show will be held in the snowpark, which is built up for this event.



Further events in the 2016/2017 season:

10.01.2017 Snow-goer Cup

20.01.2017 Night VIP event

24.01.2017 Snow-goer Cup

28.01.2017 Várpalota’s Snow-friend Cup – amateur ski race

Address: 8413 Eplény
Víziközmű Múzeum - Új Múzeum nyílt Veszprémben

Water Supply Museum – A new museum in Veszprém

In the Museum, which has been opened for the 120th anniversary, is the development of the water supply system in Veszprém on show, from the beginning till now. Visitors can get an insight into the activity of the water supply company Bakonykarszt Zrt. More Shorter

The exhibition, which is held in two buildings, presents the two main areas of water supply: drinking water supply and wastewater treatment.
There are colour tableaus to show the history of legal predecessors of Bakonykarszt Zrt. Interesting old objects and tools help visitors to get a nearer view of the everyday life of former water utility workers.
In a thematic showroom equipments and technologies of water supply are presented e.g. constructing well heads, sections of drinking water pumps and wastewater pumps as well as tools of water measurement and process control.

Admission to the museum is free.
Visiting the museum requires a pre-registration.

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Kittenberger utca
Phone number: +36 88 423 222