Veszprém Európa Kulturális Fővárosa 2023 pályázat

Veszprém, the Capital City of Culture 2023 application

Veszprém municipality and along with its Bakony and Balaton region is applying for the Capital City of Culture 2023 title. The results of the preparations of the past months will be presented on a press conference on the 4th of October. More Shorter

​Three graphic studios got an invitation for creating the design of the European Cultural Capital City 2023 tender. Their task is to plan the logo, expressing the concept fitting into the spirituality of the keywords “stairs and corners”, “water and wind”, “game and inspiration”.

All the three graphic studios sent several plans and logo drafts to the tender, which evaluation was anonym, where many partners helped to evaluate the drafts (area characters, organisations, representatives, local institutions, members of Council of Arts, specialists etc.) Altogether six logo sketches from three applicants were sent to further evaluation.

The Stalker Studio Ltd. got received the most votes on the audience vote.

The six chosen drafts extended with visual background and concept, and the competition work were evaluated by a jury and an expert group. Based on these, the final logo was designed by the Munkácsy prize winner Gerhes Gábor and his group, the Art-And Bt.

The logo of the competition depicts the cooperation between Veszprém and region Bakony-Balaton, furthermore the positive content of the cooperation. The wave symbol of the emblem depicts the cultural and geographical diversity, their interaction, and blurring. The wave refers to the water of the Lake Balaton and to the hills of Bakony, furthermore the geographical and cultural merge of these two. The logo concept was the plan of the animation planner, Jokesz Anna.

Emphasized concepts:

merging – interaction – harmony – playfulness – landscape outgrowing from water

The Veszprém inscription in the logo refers to the whole (Veszprém) being born from the single parts (letters), following the keyword of playfulness. The official webpage of the project was also designed by the Art-And Bt., and its development was carried out by the Bemind Ltd.

The official webpage of the project:


The official Facebook page of the project:


Interview with the ambassadors:

Furthermore, you may watch a short movie about Veszprém and its regions, presenting the project, and an interview with the ambassadors.

The ambassadors of the Veszprém, the Capital City of Culture 2023:

Freund Tamás, Széchenyi prize winner neurobiologist, university teacher, the member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, vice president of life sciences section from 2014. He studied the cerebral cortex.

Gulyás Péter, Hungarian handball player

Laposa Zsófia, vintner

Laposa Bence, vintner, president of the Balaton Circle

Likó Marcell, Fonogram and Gizella prize winner, leader of Vad Fruttik music group and radio presenter

Mikósa Erika, Kossuth, Liszt Ferenc, Prima Primissima prize winner coloratura soprano singer

M. Tóth Géza, Oscar prize nominated, Balázs Béla prize winner movie director, producer, the founder and leader of KEDD Creative Studio, rector of University of Theatre and Film Arts, the member of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

Ókovács Szilveszter, opera singer, music critics, publicist, radio and television presenter, chief executive officer of Duna TV between 2010-2011, government commissioner and then director general of the Hungarian Opera House from 2011.

Szakály György, Kossuth and Liszt Ferenc prize winner dance artist, university teacher and the rector of Hungarian Dance Academy

Zoób Kati, fashion designer, founder of Katti Zoób fashion brand. Her work was rewarded with a number of domestic and international prizes.

The city cooperating with its citizens and supporters would like to make the project real. According to the intension of Veszprém, the project focuses on the city’s outstanding cultural mobilising strength and its exceptional conditioned program sites and the travel attractiveness.

They pay emphasized attention to the social role taking in the international and European background of the project.


Address: Veszprém
"Veszprémben vagy fúj a szél, vagy harangoznak"

"The wind is blowing or it chimes in Veszprém"

You may have heard the proverb that in Veszprém the wind is blowing and it chimes all the time. We tried to figure out what this statement means. More Shorter

Veszprém has been a church, episcopal and then archiepiscopal centre since the foundation of the state. We may find a lot of Catholic churches in the city, which chime for a mass and midday for example in the castle, in the St. Michael Basilica Cathedral. Besides the chimes, we can hear the Fire Tower, which plays the Verbunk of Csermák Antal every hour, but it chimes every quarter. From 2015 it plays new songs occasionally.

When we cannot hear any chimes, we can hear the wind blowing. “Veszprém is under rule the northwest wind of Bakony, which characterises its climate and formed its environment and landform. – wrote Cholnoky Jenő, teacher, writer and geographer about Veszprém in his study in 1938. “The citizen of Veszprém knows exactly what the Bakony wind is. (…) When it appears in Veszprém, the population is seized by fear. It is so loud, it shakes the windows, and the streets rumble so fearfully, especially in the Temetőhegy, Jeruzsálemhegy and Cserhát. It is impossible to walk against it. One may go to the end of the castle, where it shakes the building. The clouds swirl rushing in the sky, the air is clear…”

In Veszprém thanks to the Bakony wind the air is replaced many times, so there is usually no smog.

According to the information above, we can say: the wind is blowing or it chimes in the city of queens.

We cited the words of Kovács Győző Gyula in our article. (Veszprémi Szemle, 2013)

Phone number: +36 88 404 548
Veszprém, a kézilabda hazai fellegvára

Veszprém, the Hungarian centre of handball

The ball flies, the net tears… thousands of fans fill the Veszprém Arena, which was handed over in 2008. More Shorter

The second largest rural sport and program hall of the country means the domestic place to the world-famous handball team, to Telekom Veszprém. The man handball team has a bright past and present, which is the city’s pride, since the team has won the Hungarian championship twenty-one times, has won the Hungarian cup twenty-two times, has won the EHF cup Europe twice and has won the EHF champions’ league once. Its home is the Veszprém Arena.

Besides the sport programs the modern establishment grants dance competitions, exhibitions, fashion shows, ice-shows, motorist and horse riding programs, as well. Several stars has presented their shows – like the Lord of the Dance, Boney M, DJ Tiesto – on the stage of Veszprém Arena. The program hall serves as the rain site of VeszprémFest year by year.

Several sports experts, organisers of Hungarian and international congresses recognized the perfect conditions of Veszprém Arena, so many programs like these are organized in the establishment. The exclusive interior decoration carries solutions, like unobstructed spaces, conference rooms, VIP blocks, foyer, it can be the host of international conferences, as well.

We can reach the location from the city centre on foot and by bicycle easily, but the dear guest may arrive from the other part of the world, since it has an own helicopter landing strip and a parking place for at least a thousand cars.

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Külső-Kádártai u.
Phone number: +36 88 688 504
Opera és Balett közvetítések Londonból!

Opera and ballet broadcasts from London!

Royal Opera House – 6 succesful plays in the 2017/2018 season at Hangvilla. The pieces of Royal Opera House will be available from January 2018, with popular opera and ballet classics, famous opera stars and dancers from all over the world. More Shorter

The Royal Opera House (ROH) – the most significant opera house of London – offers a wide range of programs, such as operas, orchestra concerts and all genres of classical music. We may find several famous artists, like Anna Nyetrebko, the eternal diva, Szonja Joncseva, the young talent, and Thomas Hampson, the outstanding baritone, and last but not least Jonas Kaufmann, the world-famous tenor.

The plays start at 17:00 (see detailed information through the links):

2018.01.06. Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker

2018.02.11. Joby Talbot: Alice in Wonderland

2018.03.04. Puccini: La bohème

2018.04.22. Bizet: Carmen

2018.05.13. Verdi: Macbeth

2018.06.17. Puccini: Tosca

Ticket price: HUF3000. Those who buy all the six tickets will receive benefits.

Phone number: +3688/889-179 and +88/889-180

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Brusznyai u. 2.
The best ski slope of the season until now in Eplény


Now it is worth going to Eplény, to the Intersport ski resort because there are very good circumstances waiting for the Hungarian audience. More Shorter

Eplény has a lucky and a special location, where it has been snowing all night. On Saturday the weather got cold and the sleeting became snowing. Snow cannons started to work on the top at night, while the snow production began in the early morning in the valley.

32 snow cannons were working at night and fresh snow was waiting for the guests. There are fresh ski slopes for the skiers and the snowboarders, and slope A1 opened at 10. Thanks to the Sunday snowfall, white landscape welcomes the audience in Eplény. It is possible to take part in a course, and to lend an equipment, furthermore there are three host units, as well.

The leaders of the ski arena said that until the weather gets hotter, the snow cannons will operate.


Address: 8413 Eplény
Újranyit a Chianti Étterem - új név, új belső!

Restaurant Chianti reopened – new name, new design

Chianti started over on the 27th of November at 8.00. They let the old Chianti name go, and its festive feelings, as well. More Shorter

Instead, GUSTO13 is the new name of the restaurant, they transformed the inner design significantly. They dreamed a busy, lovable bistro where we can start our days with a perfect breakfast or coffee, where we can enjoy our lunch even if it’s only weekday. Furthermore, it is so much refined that we can enjoy our dinner after the theatre.

They hope that the guests will like the new concept and they will stop by for a drink or a meal in the following period.


Address: Chianti Étterem
New music from the Fire Lookout Tower


The well-known Csermák verbunk will be presented by the Szilágyi Harangegyüttes from now on. More Shorter

The carillon of the tower does not change first anyway: the first song was played for the first time when the Highlands were reattached, which included seven works, twice a day at 12:20 and 19:20. The 40-minute blocks were selected by Brodszky Ferenc, the headmaster of the music school. The fire tower was in silence during the World War II, and it started over in the ‘80s. The well-known Csermák-verbunk was played in every hour.

Some years ago several people wished to extend the repertoire, and play festive songs during the occasions. The first carillon was audible at the Advent of 2015, and repertoire was extended with some 70 pieces from Händel or Kodály, and even King Stephen from Szörényi-Bródy. The fine-tuning did not stop, the town management have been thinking continuously how they could make the play more unique. These songs could also make Veszprém more individual in terms of tourism – said Brányi Mária, the deputy mayor at the city hall.

As a result of this, the carillon was renewed, which will be live music from now on – said Rostetter Szilveszter, the organ artist, who is making the transcripts.

“There is no change in terms of time and music, the Csermák-verbunk will be played in every hour, but instead of the synthetized bell sound citizens may hear the live version with real musical instruments by Szilágyi Harangegyüttes” – he said. Of course not just the verbunk was reorganized, but all the other festive songs, as well. For example in next March, on the anniversary of the Polish-Hungarian friendship the Polish anthem will be audible.

Albertné Balogh Márta, the leader of the bell band of Szilágyi Religious School said that the nearly 70 recordings were recorded with the help of 12 students, during the summer holiday in the Ferences church. In the supplementary works sound engineer Almásy András and Trieb László helped. The band celebrated its 10th anniversary this September, so they would like to hand over a gift with the renewed carillon to the city of Veszprém.

The music of the Fire Tower became very Veszprém-like, since the Csermák-verbunk and the unique bell band are coming from Veszprém. A new demanding and parochialist performance with personal bonds, which is rich in stories was born – highlighted Perlaki Claudia, the leader of the local government’s cultural group.

The renewed Csermák-verbunk can be audible from the 30th of November


Address: 8200 Veszprém, Vár u. 9.