Szent György-kápolna

Saint George Chapel

We can find the remains of St George's Round Chapel by St Michael's Cathedral. More

Gisella Chapel

Gisella Chapel

This episcopal or royal private chapel was built by Bishop Robertus. The walls are covered with Byzantie frescoes of the apostles painted in the 13th century which are among the oldest paintings in Hungary. Other unique traits of the chapel include its archstones. More

Boldog Gizella Főegyházmegyei Gyűjtemény

Beatified Gizella Diocese Collection

The Tejfalussy House, which gives home to the collection of the Beatified Gizella Diocese Collection, was built in the early 1770s. More

Bakonyi Ház

Bakony Ethnographical House

One of the first open-air ethnographical museums of Hungary, the Bakony Ethnographical House can be found next to Dezső Laczkó Museum. This house was built as a replica of a 19th century house in 1935. More

Kolostorok és kertek a Veszprémi Vár tövében

Cloisters and gardens at the foot of the Castle

The walking path in the Séd Valley can be visited from March 2011.This connects the Castle of Veszprém and the Zoo.There are two cloisters here from the age of the Árpád House.Due to the setting up of the walking way the two monuments can be visited again and were renovated. More

Szent István völgyhíd

Saint Stephan Viaduct

The viaduct, which can be found in the Fejes Valley, is one of Veszprém’s well-known symbols. It overspans the waggly Séd stream in t he height of 50 m. This bridge is one of Hungary’s highest and most beautiful bridges. You can enjoy a fabulous panorama from the bridge and it’s halt-platform over the castle, the Séd Valley and the Bakony hills. More

Csikász Galéria (Simoga-ház)

Csikász Gallery (Simoga House)

The largest gallery is the Csikász Gallery, which houses temporary exhibitions introducing and displaying contemporary creative art. More

Mestermű Galéria

Mestermű Gallery

Walking around in the centre, it is worth visiting the exhibition of Mestermű Galéria (“Masterpiece” Gallery). More


Tegularium - Brick collection

The most complete collection of engraved bricks from the history of Hungary, situated in the southern wing and the cellar of the Dubniczay Palace, refurbished in 2006. More

Kapuváry - ház

Kapuváry House

The town leaders established the second town hall of Veszprém from a real palace. The ornamental Rococo style garret-roofed two-storey building - located on the corner of Szabadság tér in a busy crossroads - was erected by Canon Antal Kapuváry in 1793. More