University of Pannonia

University of Pannonia

The University in Veszprém has become one of the significant higher educational institutions of the Central Transdanubia Region since it was established more than 60 years ago. The University now has five faculties and is also present in other counties with its campuses. More

Heroes' Gate

Heroes' Gate

On the Heroes’ Gate, opened in 1939 and renovated in 2013, visitors learn about the history of the building and heroes end events of Veszprém during the revolution and freedom fight of 1848 and 1849, World Wars I and II, and revolution and freedom fight of 1956. More

Regina Mundi a "Világ Királynéja" plébániatemplom

Regina Mundi Church

The lancet church was founded in 1860 by Bishop János Ranolder at the same time as the convent of the Congregation of Jesus. The reason the bishop founded this congregation was to establish a strong institutional base for the education of women in the city. More

Information about parking for groups arriving by charter bus at Veszprém

Information about parking for groups arriving by charter bus at Veszprém

You can find some useful information about parking if you planning a trip to Veszprém by private bus. More

Herendi Porcelanium

Herend Porcelanium

Herend is the domestic citadel of the artistic porcelain-making. Because of the he Porcelanium visitor centre’s high-standard programmes we can spend our whole day with substantial relaxation if we visit this place. More

Víziközmű Múzeum Veszprém

The Water Supply Museum

The Water Supply Museum and Exhibition Room was established by the BAKONYKARSZT Ltd. and it is commemorate not just to the drinking water supply of Veszprém, but it insights into the beauty and details of the water work with thematic exhibition. More

Rendezvényprofi Kft.

Rendezvényprofi Ltd.

The RENDEZVÉNYPROFI LTD. offers high quality services tailored to individual requests, whether it be business events, family gatherings or meeting friends. More

Szépország Rendezvényiroda és Szolgáltatóház

Szépország Festival Office

Szépország Festival Office has been organizing events, children's festivals since 17 years in Veszprém. More

Piarist and garrison church

Piarist and Garrison Church

The next sight is the Piarist Church on the right side of the street. More

Szent György-kápolna

Saint George Chapel

We can find the remains of St George's Round Chapel by St Michael's Cathedral. More