VeszprémFest 2018

VeszprémFest 2018 (07/11/2018 - 07/15/2018)

VeszprémFest waits for its guests in July 2018 for the 15th occasion in Veszprém. More Shorter

VeszprémFest is a dynamic developing cultural event, which is creating real value for the joy of the local and national highbrow music and arts lovers.

Every summer for several days the event offers different music genres’ highest standard, world famous performers, whether it is world music, jazz, classical music, opera or pop music. There is some name from the last years’ premium category performances: Katie Melua, Vaya Con Dios, Diana Krall, José Cura, Nigel Kennedy, Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucia, Zoltán Kocsis, Richard Bona, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Joe Zawinul, Jan Garbarek, Andrea Rost, Erika Miklósa, Ramon Vargas, The Gypsy Kings, Candy Dulfer, Gilberto Gil, George Benson, Buena Vista Social Club Omara with Portuondó, Craig David, Lisa Stansfield and the list goes on…

Since 5 years the Rose, Riesling and Jazz Days accompanying event was showed with tradition making aim, within this framework people, who want gastrocultural experience, can know the offer of the excellent Wineries around Lake Balaton, artisan foods and the young figures of the Hungarian jazz life. The musical programmes of Rose, Riesling and Jazz Days can be visit for free. The individually selected programme is worthy accompanying of the big stage’s productions.

The other accompanying event of VeszprémFest from 2011 summer is the program series, which held in the Jesuit Monastery. The sacral square, which is highly informing, can receive 120 viewers, offers programmes along other music syllabus in each year: Liszt-year, Divas, Etnojazz and the Great Generation was the buzzwords of the last years.

 Our mission is unchangeable since the beginning:

VeszprémFest is a rural border fortress to the world-class music productions, for one or two days the home of the stars, who move familiar on the European and world stages, and this couple of days year after year is the most important entry in the calendar of the festival, culture and music fans. A couple of days, where people should be there, a couple of days by us in Veszprém.


Meet in Veszprém in 2018, as well!

Address: Veszprém Castle
Phone number: +36 88 800 900
Date of event:07/11/2018 - 07/15/2018
Organizer Name: Veszprémi Ünnepi Játékok Kft.
Organizer Address: 8200 Veszprém, Óváros tér 22.
Organizer Phone: +36 88 800 900
Organizer Email:
Organizer Web:
IV. Bakony Expo

IV. BAKONY EXPO (11/10/2017 - 11/12/2017)

With the slogan ’The taste of nature – merchandise of the region’ the Bakony Expo has been organized for the fourth time between 10 and 12 in November. More Shorter

5+1 reasons to visit Veszprém

5+1 reasons to visit Veszprém (01/01/2015 - 12/31/2017)

The Veszprém Zoo, the Castle, the Veszprém Arena, the high quality gastronomy, the family-friendly services and the variety of programmes throughout the year make 5+1 reasons to visit the city of Queens. More Shorter

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Address: 8200 Veszprém
Date of event:01/01/2015 - 12/31/2017
Veszprém, a fesztiválváros

Veszprém, the city of festivals (01/01/2015 - 12/31/2015)

Playing is a joy that we can all claim as eternal children all year round. If you do not believe it, you can see it for yourself! We celebrate dance, arts and our traditions, street music, boystrous children, happiness and the love-bearing summer with festivals. More Shorter

The Festival of Dance opens the events in Spring with the greatest contemporary dance artists in Hungary. The best dance groups and performers enchant the audiences during the days of the festival, which is regarded as a prestige event for the profession. The Gizella Days Festival, one of the largest cultural events of the city, encourages the generations to appreciate and promote our culture and traditions. The festival provides opportunities to perform with the arts ensembles of Veszprém and its twin towns, as well as the art groups of the minorities living here.

In Summer, Veszprém also enjoys its festivals...

Al Dimeola, Paco de Lucia, Bobby McFerrin, Katie Melua … Veszprém is the city where for almost a decade world famous stars have walked our cobblestoned streets. Opera, jazz, soul, swing and instrumental guitar music... Veszprém is the place where the most different musical styles and genres form a coherent entity in the frame of VeszprémFest.

VeszprémFest has become one of the most renowned high quality music events in Hungary, and, like a magnet, has attracted thousands into the majestic atmosphere of Veszprém Castle. The 18th century Baroque style façades and excellent acoustics of the Szentháromság (Holy Trinity) Square are unique props serving the excellent musical experience.

Besides VeszprémFest, there are various other artistic and cultural events, including Folklore Festivities and Best of the World Evenings in August. The Vivace International Choir Festival attracts participants from Japan to Finland and thousands visit the Veszprém Festivities Crafts Fair as well.

Mates, party and rock and roll... the Street Music Festival provides all of these in the middle of the summer, when street performers  representing various styles fill the squares of the city centre, tuning, strumming, drumming and singing from dawn to dawn.

Having fun with us... because Veszprém does not think only of the ‘eternal children’! The youngest ones can enjoy the Kabóciádé Children’s Festival, where the empire of the puppets offer treasures to discover and playing is always fun.

 We need to play, as we know from Shakespeare “all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. Veszprém is proud to have three theatres where the talents perform on the stages from week to week.

In the city’s 103-year-old stone Petőfi Theatre and in the recently refurbished Bujtor-Latinovits Chamber Theatre exciting plays of contemporary Hungarian and international playwrights are performed by excellent actors and actresses without forgetting the classic pieces. The theatres also tempt visitors with musicals, children’s and other plays offering light entertainment.

The Pannon Theatre has been offering high quality performances for ten years now, not only in their theatre building but also in the culture centres of rural areas, in retro venues or even in the environment of the castles and the fortresses of the Bakony. The theatre has helped to breathe life into and has been organising the Veszprém Spring Festival, the Festival of Dance and also the FüredFest on the shore of Lake Balaton, offering spectacular programmes from spring to autumn.

In our welcoming and family friendly city the little ones are not left out of the theatrical programmes as the Kabóca Puppet Theatre is open for them all year round. Here they can be part of a real company game: the puppet exhibition in the Puppet Den, play groups, adventures, fun guided tours and last but not least the puppet theatre performances provide great fun and entertainment.

We open the gates of the festivals and theatres of Veszprém and invite you kindly with the respect due to kings and queens to enjoy these fabulous and magical happenings!

For more details please click on the continuously refreshed 'Programs' menu!

Date of event:01/01/2015 - 12/31/2015
Organizer Name: Tourinform Veszprém
Organizer Address: 8200 Veszprém, Óváros tér 2.
Organizer Phone: +36 88 404 548
Organizer Email:
Organizer Web:
Állandó kiállítások a Szaléziánumban


Liturgical place to exhibit, baroque rooms, room for the herbs of Halimba, show room for violin fabrication, medical herb garden and a lot of other curiosity from the offer of the Salesianum’s permanent exhibitions. More Shorter

Liturgical place to exhibit 

The attic gallery was designed on the second floor of the building, where visitors can take a look on the day-to-day-life of the Archdiocese and can get to know the everyday use of liturgical objects. A liturgical calendar is cited by multimedia tools, liturgy devices are displayed for the visitors, they can also visit the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Veszprém’s store of sheet music and can listen to the musical creations from the 19-20th century. The visitors can take a virtual tip in the Archdiocese and in Veszprém via an interactive multimedia device, while they can discover the past and the present of the virtually visited places.

Baroque rooms

Four interior styled, fresco decorated baroque room awaits the visitors on the floor of the Salesianum. They can experience the atmosphere of the baroque world through contemporary artworks. Visitors have the opportunity to know more about former, well-known residents of the house, including Martin II. Padányi-Bíró the bishop of Veszprém, who was an outstanding patron of the artistic work in the diocese during the 18th century. They can admire the landscape themed frescos from the end of the 18th century, which can be found in every room on the given floor in an exigent quality, differently from the baroque practice. With the guidance of the “Picture-counter desk” it is possible to follow the work of the restorers and the wonderful alteration of the baroque rooms. In the other two rooms the hidden treasures of the Bishop Archive and Library are displayed: incunabula, scrapbooks- and albums, manuscripts, maps and certificates.

Room for the herbs of Halimba

At the right side of the entrance is the Halimba Medical-Herb-room, which displays the story of Dr. Miklós Szalai, also known as the “medical herb” priest from Halimba. The nationwide known herbalist was pronounced a charlatan before the transition, but later the Halimbárium medical herb mixtures were named after him. At the exhibition dried medical herb tableaus and glass covered containers show the medical-and culinary herbs, the recipes of the “medical herb” priest, and also some interesting information about medical herbs and herbal teas.

Show room for violin fabrication

Who does not longed for being the invisible viewer the birth of something new. Looking through a window, watching the smooth hand moves, while those hands are brushing the lumber with a plane again and again, always finding something to stroke the spot we thought was already perfect. Taking a deep breathe of the workshop’s scent, the scent from the bland, resin released from shavings, glue and vapor of plants. To be the witness how lumber turns into a soul touching musical instrument. Who does not longs for this…

In the workshop of Archdiocese Touristic Center of the Salesianum all of this is possible.

Violin always have got a special attention among the instruments. Its birth was surrounded with mystery. What is this secret? The lumber? The lacquer? The mater’s hands?

Elemér Sümegi’s workshop, in a small building in the court of Archdiocese Touristic Center of the Salesianum, can be visited since 2011. The baroque surrounding, in front of the Archbishop Palace, of the former Bíró – Giczey house or as the residents of Veszrpém known the “bird house” seemingly offered the establishment of the violin making workshop. The visitor can be the witness some workflow: formation of a new violin or cello, even old instrument’s restoration.

The carpenter tool collection from the 19th and early 20th century commemorates former artisan masters in the workshop.

Unusual lessons, group sessions, presentations are available with previous consultation for school-, work groups and group of friends.


Phone number: +36 88/580-528,  +36 20 431-8636

Web site:,
E-mail:  ,
Address:          Veszprém, Vár utca 31.

Medical herb garden

The Halimbárium Medical Herb Garden can be found in the inner court, where the medical- and culinary herbs from the Halimba Medical Herb Room can be discovered. Every plant have a description, the visitors can find the origin, spread, beneficial effects and use of some species.

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Vár utca 31.
Date of event:07/08/2016 - 12/31/2017
Organizer Name: Szaléziánum Érsekségi Turisztikai Központ
Organizer Address: 8200 Veszprém, Vár u. 31.
Organizer Phone: +36 88 580 528
Organizer Email:
Organizer Web:
Illatos Advent Veszprémben

SCENTED ADVENT IN VESZPRÉM (11/24/2017 - 12/24/2017)

Veszpém created the tradition known as the Scented Advent, inviting everyone to enjoy joint preparations for Christmas while having a walk in the Gingerbread fragrance fair maelstrom. More Shorter

Great programs and fascinating experiences for the whole family.

The Christmas fair awaits visitors with Hungarian craft markets, as well as Hungarian specialities, like mulled wine, roasting chestnuts, pig’s trotters, bratwurst, European hake, fish soup, Filled Lángos (Hungarian Fried Bread), Kürtőskalács (Hungarian Chimney Cake).

The city center will shine in a festive blaze of lights in this year in December again.

Detailed information is coming soon!

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Brusznyai u. 2.
Phone number: +36 88 889 186
Date of event:11/24/2017 - 12/24/2017
Organizer Name: Veszprémi Programiroda Kft.
Organizer Address: 8200 Veszprém, Óváros tér 9.
Organizer Email:
Laczkó Dezső Múzeum és kiállításai

Dezső Laczkó Museum and its exhibition (07/21/2016 - 12/31/2017)

We invite people, who interested in history and culture to the Dezső Laczkó Museum’s various and interesting exhibition places. More Shorter

Dezső Laczkó Múzeum

(8200 Veszprém, Erzsébet sétány 1.)

We tell stories, lives from the past, the present and the future: because “historia est magistra vitae”. The first artefacts of the county’s most significant and the longest established museum were the part of the collection in 1903, and we wait for the visitors in the building, which is among the trees of the Erzsébet parkland since 1925. The museum’s 330 000 pieces collection includes the folklore, archaeology, history, fine arts and crafts, literary history and the significant numismatic collection of Veszprém and Veszprém county.


Permanent exhibition:

Spirit… in objects… in places… in pictures

Temporary exhibitions:

Food/Life Flavours and places from the culinary centuries (11/3/2016 – 04/30/2017)

Victos Vasarely 110-20 (11/17/2016 – 03/26/2017)

Medgyaszay 140 – The ferroconcrete architecture (01/20/2017 – 04/02/2017)

Bakony Etnographical House

(8200 Veszprém, Erzsébet sétány 3.)

Near the Dezső Laczkó Museum there is Bakony House, which is one of the earliest Hungarian open-air ethnographical museums. In 1935 it was built from public donations as a copy of a gentry’s landhouse of Öcs. The designers were László Nagy ethnographer and György Linzmayer architect.

Permanent exhibition: Times immemorial?!


The Heroes’ Gate

(8200 Veszprém, Vár u. 2.)

On the Heroes’ Gate exhibition place, which was opened in 1939 and was renovated in 2013, visitors can learn about the building’s history, and the history of events and heroes of Veszprém during the revolution and freedom fight of 1848 and 1849, World Wars I and II, and revolution and freedom fight of 1956.

Fire Lookout Tower
(8200 Veszprém, Vár utca 9.)

On the south-western end of the castle there is the single tower of the castle, the 48 metres high Fire Tower. The Tower’s cylindrical part, which was made from crushed stone can be medieval, but we didn’t know the exact construction time. The Tower’s foundation is on the square’s level in front of the Castle hill, its entrance opened from the inner parts of the castle and it is several metres above the foundation. The tower’s floor plan can be found on survey drawings of Giulio Turco, the Emperor’s war engineer, which was made around 1570. The 17th century’s engravings illustrate a blocky tower in the place of Fire Tower. Near the Fire Tower around 1660 was built the south-west corner tower.

(8200 Veszprém, Vár u. 19.)

The new permanent exhibition, which entitled “The life of the minus third floor, Dungeon in the 21th century” is about not just the dungeon as a building and interest, but it demonstrates several exciting themes. In the exhibition there is a Jószef Mindszenty memorial room, an exhibition unit about the life of the inmates and the history of the oubliette, the exhibition entitled “Bakony outlaws on the hand of the pandours”, and visitors can see the slots, chapel, look-out tower, command room and the sanitary. Besides these, film projection waits for the visitors.


Permanent exhibition: The life of the minus third floor, Dungeon in the 21th century

On 23th October 2015 the Dungeon's permanent exhibition had got a new exhibition unit, which entitled as After ’56 in the shadows of the gallows-trees.

The exhibition, from 1956 to 1967 until the last execution, shows the sanctions period’s significant momentum in connection with Veszprém county. The visitors can come to know the life of Árpád Brusznyai, the deportation process, and with two cases, the legal action of Vaczkó and Hamusics – the two cases are in connection with 1956. In these cases the authorities investigated the conspiracy, which was committed with guns. In the exhibition they are commemorate the heroes, who were punished with death because their role in ’56.

In the exhibition there are precious reliquiaes, which were donated to the Dezső Laczkó Museum by Margit Brusznyai, the daughter of Árpád Brusznyai.


Address: 8200 Veszprém, Erzsébet sétány 1.
Phone number: +36 88 426 081
Date of event:07/21/2016 - 12/31/2017
Organizer Name: Laczkó Dezső Múzeum
Organizer Address: 8200 Veszprém, Erzsébet sétány 1.
Organizer Phone: +36 88 426 081
Organizer Email:
Organizer Web:
XXI. Cell-Cup 2017 Veszprém Nemzetközi Kézilabda Fesztivál

XXI. Cell-Cup Veszprem - International Handball Festival (08/06/2017 - 08/12/2017)

Spend 6 unforgettable days in the city of queens and capital of handball when the only thing that counts is you and handball! Come and enrich your life with the greatest handball experience of 2017! More Shorter

In this year it is the 21st time that Veszprem, the city of queens, hosts the Cell-Cup International Handball Festival again.

The event itself, as its name suggests, began in a small town in Vas County, called Celldömölk, 20 years ago.

Nowadays Cell-Cup has become one of the greatest handball festivals in Europe, where beside the high quality, exclusively indoor matches, the organizers provide all participants a wide range of entertainment programs making sure that every moment of the 6 days you live through here will remain an unforgettable experience. The centre of Cell-Cup festival is Veszprem, the city of queens, home of the Telekom Veszprem Handball Club.

Our handball festival is a highlighted event of the Hungarian Handball Federation. It has been acknowledged by European Handball Federation (EFH) in frame of the Examination Basic at EHF Young Referee program.

Come and enjoy the best handball experience of 2017 in the City of Queens!


06. - 08. 08. 2017.

Detailed Program:

06.08.2017. – Team’s Arrival (Sunday)

Teams arrive to Veszprem at VESZPRÉM ARENA; they register and check-in at the accommodations. The guests get warm meal for dinner. The technical meeting is at the evening in the entrance hall of Veszprem Arena.

06.08.2017 – Technical Meeting (Sunday, 9pm)

Attendance of trainers, team leaders and referees is recommended, because there will be clarified the programs, schedules, technical details and game rules, as well as all questions will be answered.

07.08.2017 – First Game Day (Monday)

First game day with the beginning of group stage matches at 14 locations.

07.08.2017 – Opening Ceremony (Monday, 7pm)

The highlight of the tournament is the opening ceremony, when thousands of participants create a mesmerizing atmosphere in front of the Veszprem Arena and together they continue the celebration inside the arena while enjoying the mind blowing show and interesting programs. This fantastic show gives you the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable experience in the company of the players. The owner of the Cell-Cup Gold Card is entitled to travel on Cell-Cup Shuttles from the venues written in the programme to Veszprem Arena. The programs connected to the opening ceremony, the semi finals, the finals and the closing ceremony, are FREE for those participants who has their own coded Cell-Cup Silver or Gold Card. The spectators have to PAY FOR ADMISSION. You can purchase tickets at the ticket counter, through the Jegymester ticket offices (at the Tourinform Veszprem and at the Tourist Information Point in Kossuth street), as well as you can book tickets online on the site.

08.08.2017 – Second Game Day (Tuesday)

On the second game day: matches according to the schedule - new challenges, new friendships and more and more experience. The Cell-Cup Club opens its doors tonight.

08.08.2017 – Standing Reception (Tuesday, 9pm)

VIP program: ceremonial standing reception for coaches, team leaders and sponsors at the assembly hall of the Mayor’s office. It is one of the Cell-Cup VIP programs, where the guests can find a special selection of food and cocktails to try in a fantastic atmosphere in the town’s hall.

09.08.2017 – Third Game Day (Wednesday)

On the third game day the matches continue and the group-stages turn out. . In the evening Cell-Cup Club is awaiting participants with special programs. VIP program: ’Trainers’ Night’ for trainers (coaches), team leaders and for sponsors, where the entertainment have the strongest role to play.

09.08.2017 – ’Trainers’ Night’ (Wednesday, 8pm)

The main point of the Cell-Cup VIP program is an entertaining night for trainers, where they have the opportunity to relax after a busy week, and they can try the specialities of the Hungarian Cuisine. During the trainers’ night a participating country introduces itself. It is a great chance to get to know each other’s cultures and to make friends.

10.08.2017 – Fourth Game Day (Thursday)

Matches played during the fourth game day are going to decide who will have the opportunity to play in the finals. In the evening the Cell-Cup Club is waiting for pleasure seekers.

11.08.2017 – Fifth Game Day (Friday)

On the last game day the best teams play the finals in the Veszprem Arena. In the evenings the official closing ceremony and the Farewell Party takes place in the Cell-Cup Ceremony.

11.08.2017 – Closing Ceremony (Friday, from 7pm)

This is the ceremonial event with champions, where all of the participants are prized. The real winners are rewarded as they deserve. This is an entertaining ceremony where thousands of people celebrate together in the Veszprem Arena and the prized teams get their valuable gifts, special cups and medals. The programs of the opening ceremony, the finals and the closing ceremony are FREE for those participants who have their own coded Cell-Cup Silver or Gold Card. The spectators have to PAY FOR ADMISSION. You can purchase tickets at the ticket counter, through the Jegymester ticket offices, as well as you can book tickets online on the site.

12.08.2017 – Travelling Home (Saturday)

Travelling home, checking out from the accommodation and in case of a full, 6-day catering, take away lunch package is provided.

Returning home: checking out from the accommodation, departure from Veszprem. In case of a full 6-day catering, a take-away lunch package is provided.

Ticket Price:

The ticket prices of the opening and closing ceremonies will be announced soon.

Further Information:

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Külső-kádártai út
Date of event:08/06/2017 - 08/12/2017
Organizer Web: