8. Veszprémi Sörfesztivál

8. VESZPRÉM BEER FESTIVAL (06/11/2020 - 06/14/2020)

Everyone write in their calendar: between 11 and 14 June 2020 there is the Veszprém Beer Festival in Historia Garden again. More Shorter

Date: 06/11/2020 - 06/14/2020
Address: Hotel Historia Malomkert (Veszprém, Fenyves street 15.)

​The beer is not from yesterday: at the bottom of a Sudan, nearly seven-thousand-year-old vessel people already found a few drops of beer. The ancient Egyptians aromatized the beer with date, they sucked out with straw from stone jar, and they consumed it as a liquid, preserved bread. The Babylonian put into the beer honey and fruit juice, its quality was writing upon the stone of Code of Hammurabi. But the monks of monasteries brew beer in order to ease the fasting, because it was not prohibit to drink during fasting. Hrabal spent his childhood in breweries, and he became one of the best-known Czech writer.

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Fenyves utca 15.
Phone number: +36 88 579 230
Date of event:06/11/2020 - 06/14/2020
Organizer Name: Hotel Historia Malomkert
Organizer Address: 8200 Veszprém, Fenyves u. 15.
Organizer Phone: +36 88 579 230
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