A short summary of Veszprém

A short summary of Veszprém

Quiet narrow streets and bells that always toll. Modern houses with green lawns at the foot of the old castle walls, covered with ivy. Romantic summer evenings with wind that never stops. Deep arches and towers reaching to the sky. Hills and valleys. More Shorter

Incredible parties, quiet contemplation. A splendid royal past with an innovative dynamic vision. You can experience all this if you visit our ‘queenly’ city where everyone always discovers the treasures of Veszprém. Thousands of experience will welcome you here! 

Location and access
European Union, Hungary, Pannonia, Veszprém County, county seat

Distance from Budapest (the capital of Hungary): 110 km, South-Western direction
Distance from Lake Balaton: 15 km, Northern direction
Distance from the Bakony Mountains: 25 km, Southern direction

GPS coordinates: 47.09456, 17.90612

Veszprém county lying in the embrace of Lake Balaton and the Bakony Hills is a uniquely wonderful part of Hungary. The chief town of the county is Veszprém, probably the oldest centre of Hungarian history.The city was the first Hungarian Episcopal seat, and for centuries the region's cultural and administrative centre. The wildly romantic tract of the forests of Bakony with its streams and caves, the cool waves of Balaton, the 1178 memorial places of this county all promise numerous unforgettable experiences.

Approaching Veszprém

By air
Veszprém can be reached within one and a half hours from both Ferihegy International and Sármellék Balaton airports. Budapest is connected to several of the large cities of Europe while Sármellék hosts charter flights from the important tourism generating countries.

By road
Veszprém is at the crossroads of main roads making it easily accessible from other parts of Hungary and abroad. The city is connected to Budapest by the M7 motorway and the No 8 main road. It can be reached from the capital and towns in Transdanubia within 1 to 2 hours. Several scheduled buses link the city with Budapest and the county seats.

By rail
Veszprém lies on the Budapest-Szombathely rail route, with several trains serving this route every day. The city can be reached from the Slovenian capital without having to change trains. The Veszprém-Győr rail route runs through the romantic valley of the Cuha Brook making the journey itself an attraction.

By bike
The city has a bicycle road that goes through the center and connects Veszprém to Balatonalmádi via Szentkirályszabadja. So you can start your tour from Veszprém city center and ride to Szentkirályszabadja, than to Balatonalmádi and from there - if you are fit enough - go round Lake Balaton. A bicycle road leads you to Kádárta and Gyulafirátót as well (direction Győr).

Number of citizens

The chief town pf the county, Veszprém with about 60.000 citizens is a big one among county-level ones. Due to its convenient location, wonderful environment and being close to Lake Balaton and the Bakony Hills, it becomes a tourist center.


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Twin cities
Bottrop (D), Gladsaxe (DK), Nitra (SK), Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve (B), Passau (D), Rovaniemi (FIN), Sepsiszentgyörgy (RO), Tarnów (PL), Tartu (EST), Tirat-Carmel (IL)

Partner cities
Ningbo (CN), Saumur (F)

Veszprém, the city of Queens

Veszprém – the origin of the name

The name of the city was Bezprem originally, which is a compound noun of Slavic origin, meaning ‘uneven’. The explanation of the name by King Matthias’s historian Bonfini recalls the memory of Queen Gizella, he claimed Gizella cried “Vessz, prém!” (Away with the fur!) meaning she was willing to give up her expensive fur coat to contribute to the building costs of St Michael’s Cathedral. Another popular theory suggests that thecity got its name from the German name of the White Well of the city, “Weissbrunn”.

Must see
Veszprém Castle, Veszprém Zoo