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Agóra Veszprém Municipal Culture Centre

The Agóra Veszprém Municipal Culture Centre is closed from 11 November. More Shorter

The Municipal Culture Centre’s activity has got outstanding importance in the public education of Veszprém and its surroundings. Now there is a beautiful, modern, multifunctional culture centre, which is a new colourful place of the city’s cultural life.

Agóra Veszprém Municipal Culture Centre

The Municipal Culture Centre operates as a city institution since 1993, as the assign of the former County Culture Centre. In the frame of ‘Agóra Veszprém’ project the culture centre renewed with the support of the European Union and the Hungarian State in 2015. The Municipal Culture Centre operates beside the city centre operation two district branch institution, these are the Gyulafirátót Culture Centre and the Kádárta Parish Hall.

In the renewed building of the Municipal Culture Centre theatre can accommodate 290 person, it is modern, air-conditioned, there are professional light and sound technic and waits for the interested people. The building is whole disabled so who are limited mobility and the senior citizens can comfortably visit the programmes and the presentations. Between the floors lift is available for the guests.

In the building more than 70 civic associations, circles, groups operate in connection with the institution and with its support. The institution provides a broad space to the civil initiations, helps the work of the civil communities and they make activities, which are interested by the citizens various sections and age groups.

It accomplishes more and more complex programmes besides presenting knowledge about social science, natural science and art.

In the field of the art education they make a remarkable systematic work. The renewed halls’ performance is cut out for holding 30 various arts, arts and crafts, folk wares and photo art exhibitions on average per year. Excellent natural and artificial lighting effects, and modern exhibition tools guarantee the comfortable exhibition visit to the visitors.


The Municipal Culture Centre’s renewed building was made by a unified, colourful design, which runs through the building’s exterior and interior, and it is complete with modern equipment. This harmony showed by the place’s foreground, ground floor and upstairs foyers, which take care of the guests’ comfortable waiting, relaxing with a modern café.

Veszprém has got creative and artist community and special artistic ensembles in the field of various draughtsmanship. For example the Bakony Photo Club, TIT Mihály Váci Literary Stage, Veszprém-Bakony Dance Group, Small Bakony Dance Group, Veszprém Senior Dance Group, for which the institution gives opportunity for probe and performance.


In every summer they make outdoor events for the citizens and tourists. From the outdoor events the popular is their entertainment programmes.

In the first days of the summer there will be held on the Monasteries and Gardens venue the first ‘Family Day’, in which nearly a thousand people will be amused. There is a great attendance for the three evenings long performance of the ‘Musical Yard on the Dubniczay Palace’s yard’, which is specialized in chamber music.

On the last days of July there will be ‘World Evenings on the Old Town Square’ concert series, which show the music, dance traditions of Europe and the world. It can be visit for free, and this is a great entertainment opportunity for the summer evenings.

The ‘International Folklore Evenings on the Old Town Square’ event held in August, and shows the various countries’ folk world.

In the last days of the summer we hold for the people, who live in the residential complex, the ‘Come to the Park! – Farewell to summer evenings’ several days long programme, where the children and adults can find the summer’s entertainment possibilities.

As the closing of the summer we invite the families to the last summer programmes on the Monasteries and Gardens venue, where the second ‘Family Day’ give game, and playhouse possibilities for the children and programmes for the adults.

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Táborállás park 1.
Phone number: +36 88 429 111
Open: 1 January – 31 December

The Agóra Veszprém Municipal Culture Centre is closed from 11 November.