Balatoni Korona

Balaton Korona voucher

A recent initiative in the East-Balaton region of Veszprém County is the introduction of the Balaton Korona voucher system. More Shorter

The voucher replaces the Hungarian Forint, to the same monetary value, and is accepted in the environs of Balatonalmádi, Litér, Nemesvámos, Tihany, Várpalota and Veszprém.This collaboration was formed to integrate their tourism economies and promote their unique cultural and intellectual heritage.

Balaton Korona participants give a discount to those who pay with Balaton Korona vouchers.

Look out for the Balaton Korona logo when shopping, dining or visiting the above towns. Balaton Korona can be purchased from Tourinform Veszprém office. Tourinform Veszprém also glady offers a 5% discount on the Veszprem logo gift range to those paying with Balaton Korona.

Information and details of the scheme participants can be found here:

Phone number: +36 20 228 5400