Bringaréna Eplény

Bringapark Eplény

Not the ski slope, not the four persons lift sleeps in summer. From spring to fall the Bringapark Eplény waits for its visitors Hungarian only lifted bike park. More Shorter

In winter the four seats ski-lift, which is an OMV MaxxMotion Lift, in summer it carries the bikers and their bikes to the mountaintop, from where various slopes start. From the easiest family slopes to the exciting experiences traces people can choose from the possibilities of the slope system. The cycling is very comfortable in the Bringapark, because after getting out of the lift they must roll down, enjoy the scenery and the fresh Bakony air.


The family experience slopes offer perfect recreation opportunity from the smallest ones to the biggest. In the pleasant forest environment, at an easy pace, safely can live through the mountain biking experience, which can’t be compered to anything. On the easy, slightly sloping family paths the small ones – with the looking of their parents – can enjoy safely the biking. The totally beginners in the valley there is a learner slope, where they can learn the basis of the safe biking.


Naturally who seeks exciting adventures can find their slope in the Bringapark. On the cross country, freeride and downhill paths the adrenaline is guaranteed.


In the lender on the end of the slope there are bikes and accessories wide variety of styles and sizes. Naturally they take care of the bikes cleaning, too. Near the house there is a bike wash stage.


People who loves biking can go to enjoyable mountain trip from the Bringapark. There can be a several days roaming to the memorability in the countryside: Kőrös-mount, Róma-bath, Zirc Arboretum, windmill of Tés from the Holle Anyó ski in and the ski ins from the countryside.

In Eplény they aren’t think just to the bikers. The lift can be used as a chair-host, so there is a great opportunity for the pedestrians. We wait for the guests with free parking and pleasant feeling, summerly buffet.

Whether there is one or more days, or a class trip or incentive eventgo to Bringapark Eplény!

For the actual opening hours and the last informations see the website of Bringapark Eplény!


Address: Eplény, Veszprémi utca 46, 8413 Magyarország
Phone number: +36 70 425 7674
Payment facilities:
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