Kolostorok és kertek a Veszprémi Vár tövében

Cloisters and gardens at the foot of the Castle

The walking path in the Séd Valley can be visited from March 2011.This connects the Castle of Veszprém and the Zoo.There are two cloisters here from the age of the Árpád House.Due to the setting up of the walking way the two monuments can be visited again and were renovated. More Shorter

Huge parks, a lake and three playgrounds were established near the monuments.

The Veszprém Valley offers numerous leisure activities and is a real gem of Veszprém. Walking hand in hand, going for a stroll, having a rest on a comfortable bench, having a coffee and a chat in the Historia Garden are all possible here. Hungarian Folk Tales and “Siege” playgrounds  await the children. A rising number of people find the area ideal for their new passion, “nordic walking”.

The valley also attracts a range of people for climbing, others prefer to mount their bikes or put roller skates on. Embraced by shady trees and alleys we can find monuments from the Árpád Era such as the Margaret Ruins, the ruins of the Veszprém Valley Nunnery and the Jesuit Church.

The Veszprém Valley offers a wilde range of programmes throughout the year: varied events,

concerts, all-day programmes for families, folksdance and exhibitions.

The city of hills and valleys shaped by the Séd Brook invites everyone for walks, strolls with the loved one or pleasant chats in a café. This can now be enjoyed outside the city centre, in the natural environment as well.

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Address: 8200 Veszprém, along the Séd Brook
Open: január 1 - december 31.

0-24 open walking and cycling path, Jesuit church: Monday-Friday 7-15.30, Saturday and Sunday 10-19.00

For furher information please call Tourinform Veszprém: +36 88/404-548

Restroom, café, bar, restaurants, Bakony&Balaton Bycicle Rental at the Jesuit church, event venues: open air stage in the Betekints Valley, Jesuit church (concerts) 

Entrance is free (even in the Jesuit church)