County Hall

County Hall

After walking through Kossuth utca, turn right and then immediately left and you can catch sight of the Neo-renaissance building of the Veszprém County Hall. More Shorter

The erection of the County Hall can be considered as the starting point of the wave of construction beginning at the turn of the 19-20th centuries. With its separate angular block enclosing a closed courtyard, compelling entrance and arched coach gate it emphasises its function in the hierarchy of public administration and its harmonic beauty reminiscent of the past also emphasises its artistic value.

There was a call for plans for the building of the County Hall in 1884 and the young architect from Budapest, István Kiss won the first place. The wonderful tympanum of the front shows the date of building with the coat of arms of the county at the top. The most ornamental part of the building is the assembly hall. It is huge since at the time theoretically 420 members had to fit around the green tables of the room.

This dazzling and expensive building, which cost 834 thousand Forints, was inaugurated as the new headquarters of Veszprém County on 24 November 1887. The County Hall was not only the centre of bureaucracy and legality but also frequently played a role in promoting culture. The assembly hall has housed concerts, theatrical performances and balls and the second floor served as home of the Veszprém County Museum between 1903-1925.

A renewed County Hall celebrated its 100th anniversary: the several-year-long reconstruction was completed then.At the beginning of 2006 the Austrian Republic opened a consulate in the building with authority in Veszprém County.

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Megyeház square 1.
Phone number: +36 88 545 040