Dubniczay Palace

Dubniczay Palace

The special Brick Collection is situated in the Dubniczay Palace. More Shorter

On the right Dubniczay House creates a borderline between Vár utca and Szentháromság tér (Holy Trinity Square). On its frontispiece with symmetric windows and tympanum two angels are holding the picture of the Mother of Good Advice. There is a huge 16th century stone arched cellar under the courtyard. During the excavations the traces of a stable, castle wall, canon bastion and casamate were found. The Brick Collection 'Tegularium' can be found in this house. The building was reconstructed in 2006,  the Brick Collection 'Tegularium' found a new, more becoming environment here.

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Address: 8200 Veszprém, Vár Str. 29.
Phone number: +36 88 560 507
Open: 1st January - 31st December
Payment facilities:
  • Balatoni Korona
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  • Veszprém card

1st November - 30th April: every day 10 am - 5 pm, day of rest: Monday
1st May - 31th Oktober: every day 10 am - 6 pm, day of rest: Monday


Adult: 1000 HUF, adult group: 800 HUF; Student: 600 HUF, student group: 500 HUF 2 adults and at maximum 4 children 1800 HUF