Kapuváry - ház

Kapuváry House

The town leaders established the second town hall of Veszprém from a real palace. The ornamental Rococo style garret-roofed two-storey building - located on the corner of Szabadság tér in a busy crossroads - was erected by Canon Antal Kapuváry in 1793. More Shorter

The Baroque coat of arms of the Kapuváry family can still be seen on the front. The former large saloon with its huge balcony overlooking the square became the council-room of the Town Hall with general assembly meetings held by the 120 town representatives.

The detention room - or cooler as it was named - was also established here: criminals made the establishment of two such rooms necessary. On the ground floor shops and cafés provided the income needed to pay off the purchase-price of the public building. The opening ceremony of the building took place in the ceremonial hall on 21 December 1886.

The Kapuváry House functioned as the town hall for more than one hundred years.

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Szabadság square