Leonóra and the lion

Kolodko mini sculptures in Veszprém

At the request of A1-Sped Kft., guerrilla-sculptor Mihály Kolodko created three miniature works for Veszprém. More Shorter

The meaning and the subject-matter of the statues is based on the history of Veszprém, its cultural diversity, tourism, and of course on the environment where they are placed.

The locations, the concept, and its subject-matter were developed and selected in close cooperation between the creator and the customer. We can greet the results of the nearly 1-year collaboration of Mihály Kolodko and Balázs Török in the city of Veszprém.

We can see three miniature statues of Mihály Kolodko in Veszprém:


The sentinel of the Veszprém castle, the watchman of our city is Ernő, the guard. He began his service at the entrance of the castle, at the Gate of Heroes. He wears the uniform of the crown guards proudly, fearfully guarding his small chest. He is a faithful patriotic, disciplined and vigilant. He's a little sullen, but he has a huge heart.

From the Turkish fights through World War I to the Holy Crown which was preserved in Veszprém during the World War II, it intends to display several different events and stories connected to Veszprém.

Material: bronze

Size: 12 cm long, 10 cm wide, 30 cm high.

The Guard is the “past” and hides a letter.



Ödön, the street musician is the second “mini Veszprém” work of Mihály Kolodko!

The statue was inspired by the following events:

- VeszprémFest

- Rosé, Riesling and Jazz Days

- Veszprém Street Music Festival

- Lipót Auer violinist, conductor and music teacher, a defining figure in the musical life of the world. - Auer Festival Veszprém

- Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra

- UNESCO award: Veszprém became a city of music in 2019


It was placed at the bottom of Kossuth Street, which is one of the central venues of the Street Music Festival, but it is also close to the Auer Festival and to the Hangvilla, which is also a venue of many other music events. In fact, the work does not want to refer to a single event, musician or instrument, but to music in general, which is an emphatic, distinctive element of the cultural life of Veszprém.

We don’t know where our street musician came from and where he’s going, but he might stay with us for a long time. He is an amusing, funny, bohemian figure.

Material: the street musician figure is made of bronze, the suitcase and the instrument-like snail shell are made of limestone.

Size: 47 cm long, 33 cm wide, 27 cm high.

Our Street Musician is the “present” and he hides a letter as well.



The third and thus the last miniature statue of Mihály Kolodko is Leonóra and the lion in Veszprém.

In this case, the creator took into account the following topics at the request of the customer:

- St. Margaret of Árpád Dynasty (she is the daughter of Béla IV, who grew up in Veszprém as a child. One can also find the Margaret ruins in the city.)

- Veszprém, the city of queens (Every little girl wants to be a princess.)

- Veszprém Zoo (The king of animals is the lion, in this case he is the prince next to the “princess”, - this is the idea of the creator)


the mini statue can be found on the bridge, in the area of ​​the Monasteries and Gardens. In the background one can see the Margaret ruins and in the opposite direction is the castle of Veszprém, while the Zoo is also within walking distance. The choice of the places and the design of the statues also refers to these places and - giving a wide opportunity for association - to the city of queens, to connect the past, present and future.

The little girl is brave as she rests on the back of a lion, turning her back to the danger. Who knows, she may have tamed the lion and it became the beginning of a strong friendship?! This is how the little girl dives safely into her own little world while the lion takes care of her.

Material: the little girl figure is made of bronze; the lion is made of limestone.

Size: 36 cm long, 17 cm wide, 25 cm high.


The little girl and the lion are the “future,” “and of course, she also got a hidden letter”.


Address: Veszprém