Kutas tér

Kutas Square

This square is situated at the foot of the Veszprém Castle, by the Séd stream. It was renovated in 2011 and the fountain is also a drinking-fountain as well. If you are thirsty, have a sip of the cool Veszprém water! More Shorter

A wonderful view opens to the Castle from the square, you can observe the rear terrace of the Archbishop’s Palace and the harmony of the buildings in the Castle Street. The Séd stream is 70 km long. The meaning of ‘Séd’ is stream. Can you imagine that once upon a time 12 watermills functioned in Veszprém? The town took pride in its major milling industry. Today there aren’t many mills left. However next to the Kutas square you can find the former Ring mill building which was mentioned in records of 1275.

Also here stands the Úrkuti mill, of its two buildings one now functions as a restaurant. In between the two mills was the mill ditch, and its water operated the millwheels. The present restaurant building was the grain mill and the one with the wooden veranda was the pump house of Úrkút well. Underneath the veranda, nearly in the bed of the Séd lies the Úrkút, from this font the aqueduct by Henrik Tummler was created between 1763-67, which supplied the water for the Archbishop’s Palace. At that time it was a leading technical achievement to push water 40 metres uphill from the Úrkút font to the palace. For his great work he obtained a noble charter and received the honour to plan the aqueduct in Buda, too.

Address: Veszprém, Pajta Street 7.