Kilátótúra Veszprémben és környékén - Jutas Vitéz kilátó


Veszprém gives you many opportunity to the active recreation. There are a number of look-out points. With these you can know the city and around. More Shorter

Look-out points:

Saint Nicholas Church

The Saint Stephen Church was situated in the thousand year-old part of the city, on the Hill of "Szent-Miklós-szeg", named after teh patron saint of industrial workers and merchants. Its recently discovered ruins and its environment were opened in the May of 2006.

- Fire Lookout Tower

Walking on from here we catch sight of the Fire Tower, one of the symbols of the town.

- The statues of Stephen I. and Gisella

At the end of the Castle Street on the look-out turret you can see the statue composition of the Hugarian royal couple with the statues of Saint Stephen and Gisella which became the symbol of Veszprém.

- Benedict Hill Cross

On the Northern side of the Castle narrow paved stairs lead down to the Benedict Hill which used to be the burial place of our ancestors. 

- Saint Stephan Viaduct

The viaduct, which can be found in the Fejes Valley, is one of Veszprém’s well-known symbols. It overspans the waggly Séd stream in t he height of 50 m. This bridge is one of Hungary’s highest and most beautiful bridges. You can enjoy a fabulous panorama from the bridge and it’s halt-platform over the castle, the Séd Valley and the Bakony hills.



Address: Veszprém, Saint Nicholas Church
Phone number: +36 88 404 548