Kilátótúra Veszprémben és környékén - Jutas Vitéz kilátó


Veszprém gives you many opportunity to the active recreation. There are a number of look-out points. With these you can know the city and around. More Shorter

Look-out points:

Saint Nicholas Church

The Saint Stephen Church was situated in the thousand year-old part of the city, on the Hill of "Szent-Miklós-szeg", named after teh patron saint of industrial workers and merchants. Its recently discovered ruins and its environment were opened in the May of 2006.

- Fire Lookout Tower

Walking on from here we catch sight of the Fire Tower, one of the symbols of the town.

- The statues of Stephen I. and Gisella

At the end of the Castle Street on the look-out turret you can see the statue composition of the Hugarian royal couple with the statues of Saint Stephen and Gisella which became the symbol of Veszprém.

- Benedict Hill Cross

On the Northern side of the Castle narrow paved stairs lead down to the Benedict Hill which used to be the burial place of our ancestors. 

- Saint Stephan Viaduct

The viaduct, which can be found in the Fejes Valley, is one of Veszprém’s well-known symbols. It overspans the waggly Séd stream in t he height of 50 m. This bridge is one of Hungary’s highest and most beautiful bridges. You can enjoy a fabulous panorama from the bridge and it’s halt-platform over the castle, the Séd Valley and the Bakony hills.

- Csatár-Hill

The sights of the 150 meter high Csatár-Hill are the chapel of Csatár-hill and the wonderful look-out tower and resting-place. 

- Gulya Hill Small lookout tower

On the Gulya Hill there are 2 lookout towers, one of them is the Queen Gisella lookout tower, and the other one is the Small lookout tower. It is reachable thought the Rovaniemi stairs, but the Gulya Hill is only 10 minutes walk from the Zoo as well. From the wooden structured tower the whole area and even the Bakony can be seen. 



Address: Veszprém, Saint Nicholas Church
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