Modern Képtár - Vass László Gyűjtemény

Modern Art Gallery - Vass László Collection

Similarly to the rain slowly falling down the rocks and filling the holes with glittering water, the small nooks of Várhegy (Castle Hill) are filled up with museums. The square opening by the castle gate is also small and concealed. More Shorter

Number 3 was built in eclectic style on the former medieval castle gate while the Gothic arch of the entrance dates back to the 19th century. The neighbouring buildings (number 5 and 7) were less valuable. The steep dirt road used to lead to the Fire Tower. At that time poor artisans used to live here in their plain, small houses: sieve-makers, carpenters and shoemakers. Now that they have been restored on the basis of architect Gábor Turányi’s plans their historic beauty is clearly visible. They were renovated in order to give home to the new museum of modern art: the collection of László Vass. In the past few years the works of Hungarian artists have been enriched with the statues, pictures and reproduced graphics of the greatest masters of European abstraction. The desire of the collector was that in time some of the works would be placed into this gallery. He expected the works constituting the collection to emphasise some significant chapters of 19th century art: primarily those of the movements of constructivism and abstraction. He aspired to represent several periods of the same artist and to present significant watercolours, chalk-drawings and sketches related to the paintings and statues as well. It is not a secret any longer that the Vass Collection is being extended for the collection in Veszprém.

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Address: 8200 Veszprém, Vár str. 3-7.
Phone number: +36 88/425-204
Open: 1. January- 31. December
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The Modern Art Gallery - Vass László Collection is closed from 11 November.


1. November - 30. April: every day 10 am - 5 pm, day of rest: Sunday
1. May  -  31. Oktober: every day 10 am -  6pm, day of rest: Sunday

Adult: 1000 HUF, adult group: 800 HUF Student: 800 HUF, student group: 600 HUF