New music from the Fire Lookout Tower


The well-known Csermák verbunk will be presented by the Szilágyi Harangegyüttes from now on. More Shorter

The carillon of the tower does not change first anyway: the first song was played for the first time when the Highlands were reattached, which included seven works, twice a day at 12:20 and 19:20. The 40-minute blocks were selected by Brodszky Ferenc, the headmaster of the music school. The fire tower was in silence during the World War II, and it started over in the ‘80s. The well-known Csermák-verbunk was played in every hour.

Some years ago several people wished to extend the repertoire, and play festive songs during the occasions. The first carillon was audible at the Advent of 2015, and repertoire was extended with some 70 pieces from Händel or Kodály, and even King Stephen from Szörényi-Bródy. The fine-tuning did not stop, the town management have been thinking continuously how they could make the play more unique. These songs could also make Veszprém more individual in terms of tourism – said Brányi Mária, the deputy mayor at the city hall.

As a result of this, the carillon was renewed, which will be live music from now on – said Rostetter Szilveszter, the organ artist, who is making the transcripts.

“There is no change in terms of time and music, the Csermák-verbunk will be played in every hour, but instead of the synthetized bell sound citizens may hear the live version with real musical instruments by Szilágyi Harangegyüttes” – he said. Of course not just the verbunk was reorganized, but all the other festive songs, as well. For example in next March, on the anniversary of the Polish-Hungarian friendship the Polish anthem will be audible.

Albertné Balogh Márta, the leader of the bell band of Szilágyi Religious School said that the nearly 70 recordings were recorded with the help of 12 students, during the summer holiday in the Ferences church. In the supplementary works sound engineer Almásy András and Trieb László helped. The band celebrated its 10th anniversary this September, so they would like to hand over a gift with the renewed carillon to the city of Veszprém.

The music of the Fire Tower became very Veszprém-like, since the Csermák-verbunk and the unique bell band are coming from Veszprém. A new demanding and parochialist performance with personal bonds, which is rich in stories was born – highlighted Perlaki Claudia, the leader of the local government’s cultural group.

The renewed Csermák-verbunk can be audible from the 30th of November


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