Nordica Síaréna

Intersport Skiarena - Bringaréna Eplény

An Alpine experience in Hungary! Eplény Skiarena welcomes you with the only four-seat lift in the country, Hungary's longest downhill ski trail, 44 snow machines, 5 catering units and accommodation. More Shorter

In the summer Bringaréna Eplény awaits guests with chairlifts, cycling with lifts, fun adventures for the whole family!

Chair lifts - lookout tower on Ámos Hill (Ámos-hegy) - mountain bike cycling tracks for families - bycicle hire - 'Kemencés' Bar

Address: 8413 Eplény
Phone number: +36 70 425 7674
Payment facilities:
  • Credit Card
Discount cards:
  • Bakony & Balaton card