Óváros tér

Old Town Square

The octagonal shaped Old Town (Óváros) Square is worth visiting! Many beautiful and historic buildings embrace the square. This is the heart of the town. In olden times this was the market square; today it has become a permanent location for our most popular festivals. More Shorter

From here you can clearly see the Fire Lookout Tower. From its round balcony a magnificent view opens of the city and the octagonal square. 

The City Hall is a romantic style building is situated in the middle of the town, it was built as a church bank in 1857 and since 1990 functions as the Mayor’s Office. The hammer of our olympic gold medal champion hammer thrower, Balázs Kiss is displayed in the main hall. He is the only olympic champion of Veszprém, who won an olympic gold medal in Atlanta in 1996, giving great joy to the sport loving public of Veszprém. The crests of the twin towns of Veszprém can also be seen above in the hall.


Opposite the City Hall you can see the most beautifully decorated building of the square. The yellow copf style building with mansard roof is the Pósa House. It is the former residence of the Cistercian monks from nearby Zirc. Initially seminarians and later on the teacher monks of the national school of Veszprém lived here. Nearly 100 years later in 1902 a prestigious citizen of the town, Endre Pósa a bookseller and printer bought the building. The Pósa shop had a bustling trade, and not only on market days. The students happily bought books from him, because Pósa used to give free notebooks to his customers. The shop was a meeting point for teachers, officers and intellectuals. Endre Pósa always treated this historical building as an architectural treasure and worthily deserves to have his name plaque on the front facade.

In the centre of the square stands the Millennial Monument, the work of sculptor Mária Lugossy.

Address: Veszprém, Old Town Square