Veszprémi Petőfi Színház

Petőfi Theatre of Veszprém

The Petőfi Theater of Veszprém is the significant, nationwide famous cultural centrum of Veszprém county and the Balaton region. More Shorter

After a walk in Veszprém what could be a more pleasant evening entertainment than a theatre performance, as we all know since Shakespeare said that "all the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players"...

When listing all the varied and high quality cultural life of the City of Queens we must not forget the stage that means the world to some. Veszprém is proud to be the home of three theatres.

The Petőfi Theatre of Veszprém celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2008. 

Director Pál Oberfrank art director have the goal to preserve artistical variegation, to produce productions of high standard, and to maintain the artistic level which helped the theatre to reach the number 100.000 of viewers per year.

+36 20 772 8200

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Address: 8200 Veszprém, Óvári Ferenc str. 2.
Phone number: +36 88 564 220
Open: 1st January - 31st December
Payment facilities:
  • Credit Card

The theater can be visited during the performances only.