Pósa ház

Pósa House

Walking on the Óváros square we can see 18th century houses on the left: among them the beautifully renovated Pósa House catches our eye. The Rococo garret-roofed house, the most precious building of Óváros tér was the former residence of the Cistercian Order of Zirc. More Shorter

The coats of arms on the frontispiece refer to the owners: the white crane symbolising vigilance is the coat of arms of the Abbey of Zirc, the other is the coat of arms of the Cistercian Abbey of Heinrichau in Silesia.

At the beginning it was inhabited by seminarists and monks teaching in the national school in Veszprém. In November 1902, almost 100 years later the house passed into the ownership of the respected citizen, Endre Pósa (bookseller and printer).

The Pósa shop had a vivid business life not only on market days. Students liked shopping there because they were given a notebook as a present. The shop was also a meeting place, a "casino" for teachers and officials.

Endre Pósa always handled this historic building as an architectural treasure so he rightly deserves that we read his name displayed on the front of the building - a phenomenon unique to Veszprém.

Nowadays the building houses a bank (2014).

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Óváros square 3.