Rent a bike

The Bakony & Balaton Bike Rental Network provides every visitor the possibility to spend their free time active and discover the attractions and the landscape’s beauties in the Bakony and Balaton Region. More Shorter

You can find rental network points everywhere in the region (Balatonkenese, Várpalota, Veszprém, Zirc, Eplény, Nemesvámos, Nagyvázsony, Tapolca, Somló, Halimba, Kislőd), so you can freely plane biking tours. You can give back the bike at any rental points, independently where you rented it.

 Rental points in Veszprém:     

-              Historia Malomkert, Veszprém, Fenyves u. 15. Tel.: +36/88 579230 (reception); Opening hours: Every day: 8h -20h; Open from: 04.01.

-              Historia Historante, Veszprém, Toborzó u. Tel.: +36/88 577 000; Opening hours: Every day: 8h -20h; Open from: 04.01.

-              Hotel Villa Medici, Veszprém, Kittenberger K. u. 11. Tel.: +36/88 590-070; Opening hours: Every day: 0h -24h; Open from: 04.01.

Type of the bicycles:

  • men 26'
  • woman 26'
  • child 24'
  • child 20'

The bikes are suitable for urban and light off-road cycling. Equipment: front and rear derailleurs, fenders, brakes, rack, lamp, reflector both on front and rear wheels. Safety vest, safety helmet and bike lock is provided free of charge.

 Other tools for rent:

  • well-equipped bikes for children and adults
  • children and package transportation trailer
  • children backseat

Important things:

  • You need a valid identity card for the rental
  • The rental network is open from  1st of April - 30th of October

General information:

Bakony and Balaton Regional Tourism Not For Profit Ltd.:, +36 20 219 3260

Other rental Points:


-              Thury-vár, Várpalota, Hunyadi Mátyás tér 1. Tel.: +36/30 925-3935, Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 10h-18. Monday: closed. Open from: 04.01.

Tapolca :

-              Tourinform, Tapolca, Fő tér 17. Tel.: +36/87 510-777; Opening hours: 04.01.-06.14.: M-F: 9h-17h, Saturday: 9h-13h, 06.15-08.31.: M-F: 9h-17h, Saturday-Sunday: 9h-13h, 09.01-09.31: M-F: 9h-17h, Saturday: 9h-13h, 10.01.-03.31.: M-F: 8h-16h


-              Tornai Pincészet, Somlójenő, Hrsz. 1248. Tel.: +36/70 339-9821, Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 8h- 18h, Friday-Sunday: 9h-18h; Open from: 04.01.


-              Hotel Marina-Port, Balatonkenese, Kikötő u. 2-4. Tel.: +36/88 492-369; Opening hours: All day (registration is required); Open from: 04.01.

-               Balatonfői Yacht Club, Balatonkenese, Főnix tér 3., Tel.: +36 70 380-1676; Opening hours: every day 8h-20h


-              Stan és Panzió, Balatonalmádi, József A. u. 67. Tel.: +36/30 445-2123; Opening hours: Every day: 10h- 19h., Open: 04.25.-09.22.


-              Vámosi Vendégház, Nemesvámos, Kossuth u. 364. Tel.: +36/30 937-3206; Opening hours: Every day, all day; Open from: 04.01.


-               Völgy Turisztikai Központ, Kapolcs, Kossuth u. 62. Tel.: +36/20 456-0569; Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 9h- 16h, Saturday: 9h- 11h,and by agreement; Open from: 04.11.


-              Nagyi Kertje Teázó, Aszófő, Remete u. 2. Tel.: +36/30 298-2410 és +36/30 247-2260; Opening hours: Monday,Wednesday-Sunday: 11h- 19h., Closed: Tuesday


-              Vendégházak, Pénzesgyőr, Fő út 53. Tel.: +36/88 448-013; +36/20 595-8073; Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 8h- 16h


-              Tourinform iroda, Sümeg, Kossuth L. u. 15. Tel.: +36/20 417-6346; Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 8h- 16h, Saturday: 8h- 13h; Nyitás: 05.01.


-              Pajta, Megyer, Fő u. Tel: +36/30 943-8892; Opening hours: Every day: 10h- 22h; Open from: 05.01.

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Óváros Square 2.
Phone number: +36 20 219 3260