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Saint George Chapel

The Saint George Chapel is closed from 11 November. More Shorter

We can find the remains of St George's Round Chapel by St Michael's Cathedral.

This was the place where the head relic of St George used to be guarded, attracting crowds of pilgrims. The Latin inscription IN LIMIE NO SEDETO (DO NOT SIT ON THE THRESHOLD) can still be read on the worn threshold of the chapel. St Stephen's only son, Prince St Emeric - who met an early death - vowed chastity here. The statue outside the chapel also depicts the young prince.

For the celebration of St. Imre, here you can read an excerpt from the legend of the prince:

“So, this happened, when one night he and one of his servants secretly went to pray into the very ancient and quaint church of Veszprém, which was built in honor of the dear martyr of Christ, György. He left with the intention to immerse himself in prayer and consider what things he could offer to God, things, that are even more precious. As he was doing so, suddenly glowing light flooded the entire temple.

A divine voice coming from above said, "The most excellent thing is virginity! I wish you gave me the virginity of your soul and body. Offer this, and insist to this intention!" However, he did not trust in himself, but fleeing to grace, to his true remedy, he said, "Dear Lord! Father of the universe and helper of human weakness, you, who shatter the souls of princes, and you, who appear to be terrible to the rulers of the Earth, do your will in me, and please, with the power of your mercy, extinguish the harmful passions that fight against the soul.

Thus St. Imre was strengthened in this hour by the word of divine consolation, and he kept this secret to himself. And to the servant who was present at the time of this divine conversation and at other times alone, St. Imre begged him not to reveal this thing to anyone until his death. These and many signs of his virtues, which he had locked in the secret chamber of his soul, were hidden in St. Imre, until the vessel was finally broken, and the smell of the anointment spread, and the whole was discovered by all… ”

Source: Salesianum - Archbishopric's Touristic Centre


Address: 8200 Veszprém, Vár street 20.
Phone number: +36 88 580 528
Open: 6. May - 31. October
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The Saint George Chapel is closed from 11 November.

6. May - 31. October: Monday-Sunday 10.00-18.00

1. November - 5. May only by fixing an appointment
+36 88/426-095

Combined ticket (Gizella Chapel, Saint George Chapel):

Adult 1900 HUF
Student/Pensioner: 950 HUF

Combined ticket - Holy Trinity ticket (Archbischop's Palace, Gizella Chapel, Saint George Chapel, Beatified Gizella Diocese Collection):

Adult: 3400 HUF
Student/Pensioner: 1700 HUF

Family ticket (valid for the following sights: Archbischop's Palace, Gizella Chapel, Saint George Chapel, Beatified Gizella Diocese Collection): 3500 HUF