Szent Mihály szobor

Saint Michael's statue

In 2017 on the Saint Micheal day the statue of the town's and the Basilica's of Veszprém patron saint, financed from public founding, was consecrated on the Óváros Square. More Shorter

Saint Michael is the patron saint of Veszprém, the basilica and the archbishopric. The Saint Michael Main Parish and Károly Nagy abbot- prebendary parson have given financial aid for the statue, which was made by István Madarassy sculptor. The Satan lies defeated on a cliff, which symbolizes the earth, and he looks up to Saint Michael.

Saint Michael archangel is the leader and victorious fighter of the heavenly hosts, who according to the Bible has treaded down into the ground and stabbed Lucifer, who has started a rebellion against God, with a lance. The statue illustrates this moment.

The artist melted the soul with fire and ice into the creation made from copperplates. Its specialties are the figures of Lucifer and Saint Michael: they are placed on a 5 tons heavy and over million years old cliff from Sweden.

In general the evil is represented with a symbolic figure, such as the Satan or the devil. In this case the artist has portrayed it as Lucifer the fallen angel with wings lying on his stomach under the foot of Michael. This represents his failure.

The sculptor István Madarassy was born in an artistic family in 1948 in Budapest. His grandfather was a painter and graphic artist, his father was also a sculptor – he has designed the calvary on the Benedek hill in Veszprém. His brother is a restorer, his son is a painter. He has graduated in University of Art and Design; his professors were József Engelsz and Gyula Illés. Besides the planning of handicrafts work for the frontage and halls of buildings, he makes sculptural and handcrafts reconstruction, restoration and stage-designs. His little and big plastic arts and reliefs mainly show religious themes.

At the end of September an exhibition was opened in Salesianum with the statues and plastic arts of István Madarassy, such as the figures of Margaret of Hungary, Saint Christopher and Francis de Sales, Noah’s Ark or the Last Supper. The copper statues had been brought home from Florence, Nagyvárad and Rome. This special exhibition can be visited certainly till the end of this year at the the tourist institute of the Veszprém Archdiocese.

Address: Veszprém, Óváros square