Városnéző kisvonat Veszprémben

Sightseeing city train in Veszprém

Departs saturday and sunday from Castle! More Shorter

The Sightseeing train departs from Castle via Viadukt arrives to the Zoo, then comes back to the point of departure. During events the vehicle departs from Mackó Cukrászda (Megyeháza sqr. 2.)

Saturday - Sunday: 10 am. - 4 pm. every hour from Óváros sqr., every half an hour from the Zoo.*
Length of the journey: 45-50 min.

From 14.03. 2020 the train is plying only on the weekend depending on the weather.

Ages 0-3: Free
Ages 4-14:  800 Ft (Junior ticket)
Above  age 15: 1400 Ft (Adult ticket)

Tickets are available at the driver. 

Contact: +36 20 403 3646, +36 20 553 7829, +36 20 559 0717



* The schedule is only for reference only, it may change due to weather reasons and group reservations. We cannot be responsible for schedule changes. For up-to-date information please visit the Facebook page on the day of travel. Thank you for your understanding in the name of the operator

Address: Veszprém