"Egy szakács, egy vidéki ház, egy fényképezőgép"


Judit Neubauer just started her new Food Blog, called Taste of Memories. Family recipes, rural life, traditions and tastes concentrate to Veszprém and the region of Bakony and Balaton... Feel free to read the new posts every week! More Shorter

Judit Neubauer's name maybe familiar to gastronomy lovers, in 2011 she opened her own bistro in the heart of Budapest. She started her new Food Blog from this year and brings us very special recipes. The blog called Taste of Memories is going to be published week by week.

Judit's recipes and threads are going to be posted on out site too.

"Hi, my name is Judit, a Hungarian globetrotter who loves eating, cooking, food photography and writing about all of that. I graduated with a degree in international communication but fell in love with cooking. Everything started in Provence, in France, where i got to know Christine who became my friend, “French sister”, a wonderful person who inspires me every day since then. Her passion for cooking, her way of thinking, the essence of the so called “joie de vivre” (the joy of life) changed my life completely. I started to follow my dreams and continued studying to be a chef. I got a degree in cooking at Lenôtre Academy, took part in an artisanal bread baking course at the French Culinary Institute in NY, worked as apprentice in a French restaurant in Avignon and later opened my own restaurant in Budapest, which became among the bests in the city and Tripadvisor Nr. 1. I was honoured to welcome people from all over the world and enjoyed every moment of it. But after years of hard work I realized that I needed a change. There is so much beauty in the world… I wanted to see more of it! I moved to Spain, to Andalusia, where I worked in a bakery and learnt the know-how of the best sourdough bread ever. (Thanks to Maria, the famous baker of Julia Bakery!)
During my two years in sunny Malaga, I got to know many wonderful people, collected delicious tastes and unforgettable moments. Now I am back in my home country, to start a new exciting project…With my background and knowledge of French and Spanish cuisine now I am searching, cooking and baking my mother’s and grandmother’s old recipes and discovering the traditions of my half-Hungarian, half-German origins. In the meantime we are renovating our little countryside house step by step in the village where my grandmother was born. There is a looooot of work to do, but I am sure we will have a lot of fun (even if at some moments we will wish to be in a five-star hotel drinking champagne and not thinking about electricity, bricks and roof) The old fruit trees need love and care, the garden has to be filled with life, the vegetable garden needs to be set up to serve us with fresh vegetables every season. Áron, my boyfriend is responsible for the technical matters, I am in charge of the food section, Beeper, our dog, is doing her very best in her job: making a mess, putting her toys around every corner, digging the garden, etc.… I would like to guide you through beautiful Hungarian landscapes while we will be cooking, eating, chatting and laughing a lot which are for me the essence of life."


Current article: 

Everyday miracles

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