I. István és Gizella szobra

The statues of Stephen I. and Gisella

At the end of the Castle Street on the look-out turret you can see the statue composition of the Hugarian royal couple with the statues of Saint Stephen and Gisella which became the symbol of Veszprém. More Shorter

You can have a magnificent view from that look-out to the town and the ranges of Bakony. The staute, which was made by József Ispánky, was placed at the end of the Castle Street in 1938 for the 900th anniversary of the death of Saint Stephen. In the crowned Stephen’s hand there are the sword, which represents the legal power and the peaceful intention and the orb. In Gisella’s hand there is a two-towered church, which represents, that the foundation of the Cathedral can be attached to her name.

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Address: Veszprém, Vár str.
Open: 1. January- 31. December