"The wind is blowing or it chimes in Veszprém"

"The wind is blowing or it chimes in Veszprém"

You may have heard the proverb that in Veszprém the wind is blowing and it chimes all the time. We tried to figure out what this statement means. More Shorter

Veszprém has been a church, episcopal and then archiepiscopal centre since the foundation of the state. We may find a lot of Catholic churches in the city, which chime for a mass and midday for example in the castle, in the St. Michael Basilica Cathedral. Besides the chimes, we can hear the Fire Tower, which plays the Verbunk of Csermák Antal every hour, but it chimes every quarter. From 2015 it plays new songs occasionally.

When we cannot hear any chimes, we can hear the wind blowing. “Veszprém is under rule the northwest wind of Bakony, which characterises its climate and formed its environment and landform. – wrote Cholnoky Jenő, teacher, writer and geographer about Veszprém in his study in 1938. “The citizen of Veszprém knows exactly what the Bakony wind is. (…) When it appears in Veszprém, the population is seized by fear. It is so loud, it shakes the windows, and the streets rumble so fearfully, especially in the Temetőhegy, Jeruzsálemhegy and Cserhát. It is impossible to walk against it. One may go to the end of the castle, where it shakes the building. The clouds swirl rushing in the sky, the air is clear…”

In Veszprém thanks to the Bakony wind the air is replaced many times, so there is usually no smog.

According to the information above, we can say: the wind is blowing or it chimes in the city of queens.

We cited the words of Kovács Győző Gyula in our article. (Veszprémi Szemle, 2013)

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