Ticket Sale

Buy your tickets in our office through the following ticket sale systems: TicketPortal, TicketExpress (Eventim), Jegymester and InterTicket! More Shorter

Online ticket sale in the Tourinform Veszprém Office!

If you have questions feel free to contact us!

Handling fee: 500 HUF/ticket (over 50.000 HUF we do not count any handling fee)

Important to know:

You can pay only by cash (no coupons, credit cards).

Opening hours:

1st January - 28th February: Mo-Fri:9-17.00, Sat, Sun: closed

1st March - 30th April: Mo-Fri:9-17.00, Sat: 9-13.00, Sun: closed
1st May - 31st May: Mo-Fri: 9-17.00, Sat:10-18.00, Sun: 10-14.00
1st June - 31st August: Mo-Fri: 9-18.00, Sat:10-18.00, Sun: 10-14.00
1st-30th September: Mo-Fri: 9-17.00, Sat:10-18.00, Sun: 10-14.00
1st October - 31 December: Mo-Fri: 9-17.00, Sat: 9-13.00, Sun: closed

Ticket sale is closed 30 minutes before our closing time.

We are waiting for you in the Tourinform Veszprém!


Address: 8200 Veszprém, Óváros square 2.
Phone number: +36 88 404 548