Unique attractions of Veszprém - The Zoo

Unique attractions of Veszprém

Have you been to our town before? If not, this is a great opportunity to discover its treasures! However, if you’ve visited Veszprém in the past, surely you remember the Castle and the Zoo fondly. Nevertheless, our town has even more to offer! More Shorter

Here you will find environmental variety, you can take a walk in the romantic Séd Valley (Séd-völgy) or admire the sight of the Bakony Mountains and Lake Balaton. At the same time, the town is regarded as the home of culture and festivals and is the right choice if you wish to actively spend your free-time.

Not only does it hold an undoubted importance in the Hungarian handball tradition, Veszprém is also the centre of knowledge and innovation.

Surrounded and interwoven with legends, the numerous historical memories are important parts of the town. Veszprém offers quality restaurants and accommodations. These above mentioned features are all testaments to the diverse nature of our town.

Unique attractions of Veszprém

Veszprém Zoo
Come and visit the Kittenberger Kálmán Plants and Wildlife Park! With its continuously extending services, this is one of Hungary’s zoos with the greatest tradition outside the capital.

St Michael's Basilica
Hungary’s first and oldest cathedral is located in the Castle. This is where the arm bone of Blessed Gisella is kept as a relic.

Szent Imre Piarista- és Helyőrségi templom (Saint Emeric Piarist and Garrison Church)
Go and see the church of the Hungarian Military and have a look at the ecclesiological and contemporary exhibits in the exhibition room organised by the Beatified Gisella Diocese Collection.

Discover the fine baroque building of the Archbishopric’s Tourist Centre (Érsekségi Turisztikai Központ). Enter the interactive exhibition halls or the herb room. An interesting trait of the latter is its glass floor. In one of the rooms visitors can also observe the process of fiddle making; and these are only a few among the many exciting features of the building.

Laczkó Dezső Museum
The museum’s collection includes the ethnography, archaeology, history, visual- and applied art and literary history of the town and the county.

Cloisters and gardens
Take a walk in the picturesque Veszprém Valley. Be it winter or summer, cycling or strolling down the path between the Castle and the Zoo is a treat for everyone.

This high-quality musical and cultural event takes place in the Castle area, on one of the most beautiful baroque squares of the country, the Holy Trinity Square (Szentháromság tér). The event is organised every July.

Street Music Festival
Represented by various bands and diverse music style, this festival creates a high spirited, cheerful atmosphere. The town centre is alive with the sound of music from morning until late night every July.

This cake is a local specialty: it is named after and bears the emblem of the town. A variant of the Hungarian so-called krémes, this tasty treat adds to the traditional cream filling an extra layer of caramel flavoured cream and the whipped cream is cappuccino flavoured.

MKB-MVM Veszprém men’s handball team
The team’s achievements: 21-time Hungarian Championship winner, 22-time Hungarian Cup winner, two-time EHF Cup Winner's Cup winner and one-time EHF Champions League finalist. The team plays in the Veszprém Arena.