University of Pannonia

University of Pannonia

The University in Veszprém has become one of the significant higher educational institutions of the Central Transdanubia Region since it was established more than 60 years ago. The University now has five faculties and is also present in other counties with its campuses. More Shorter

The student number of the three campuses exceeds ten thousand; the students of its 7 accredited doctoral schools through the international research projects add to the fame of both the university and the city.

The range of educational programmes gets wider with every year, providing modern and up-to-date knowledge to the students studying in the areas of agriculture, philology, economics, education, social and environmental sciences and engineering.

The University’s well-known lecturers put great emphasis on professional and academic activities alike. As a research university it is one of the key players in the economic development both of the region and the nation. Several Hungarian and international companies and businesses settled in Veszprém build on the brain cells of the University of Pannonia and its graduates. In the framework of partnership agreements they provide internships for students and participate jointly with the students in various research and development projects in order to ensure the results get integrated into the everyday practice of industrial production.

The University of Pannonia shapes quality, conserves and disseminates culture, creates and protects science, builds bridges between the actors of the academic and the business spheres and undertakes continuous development in the spirit of innovation. It shows significant almost unique development in Hungary. Through successful project fund applications it establishes the future with the help of European funding and implements projects to the value of billions of Forints. As part of this process in the Veszprém Campus a knowledge centre, research and development and student service centre as well as a technological experiment centre and a bio-innovation centre are being established. IT and other equipment development is also going to take place. Further funds are available for service development, research in the areas of bio-innovation and green technologies, course material development and the establishment of a research network.

The University of Pannonia is the knowledge centre and the intellectual fortress of Pannonia. After all this, don’t argue that knowledge is not power...

Every September the Veszprém storks move to the city. They can be recognised by their colourful clothing, rucksacks as they are walking along the hilly streets with lecture notes in their hands or settle down in the shades of large trees hiding behind thick textbooks. Their main areas of habitat include the atrium and lecture theatres of the University of Pannonia, the student’s centre and the popular pubs and bars. These storks, as we call them in Hungarian, are the freshers to the university. The university provides the highest quality professional background for them to fly on the wings of knowledge and make their dreams come true.

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Egyetem str. 10.
Phone number: +36 88 624 000