VESZPRÉM-BALATON PICNIC & MOVIE NIGHTS (09/03/2020 - 09/05/2020)

Veszprém won the title of the European Capital of Culture (ECC) in 2023! The winner bid was prepared with the professional support of HETFA. In the final round Veszprém competed with Győr and Debrecen. More Shorter

Veszprém applied jointly with the Bakony and Balaton Region for the ECC title. According to the current plans, in order to use the support successfully, culture and high added value creative industries will become the main motor of regional development.

The Veszprém-Balaton Film Piknic initiative, implemented within the framework of the European Capital of Culture 2023 programme, supports the effort to strengthen the cultural and creative region of Veszprém and Lake Balaton and increase their European visibility.
The time and location of the Veszprém-Balaton Film Picnic allows the film industry and the  audience to watch Hungarian films, meet Hungarian stars and filmmakers, watch and re-discover contemporary and classic masterpieces, blockbusters and rarities, all at the buzzing Lake balaton in late summer.

Address: Veszprém
Date of event:09/03/2020 - 09/05/2020
Organizer Name: Veszprém-Balaton 2023 Zrt.
Organizer Address: 8200 Veszprém, Óváros tér 9.