Veszprém in short

Silent alleys, always ringing bells. Alongside the baileys with ambers there are modern houses with green grass. More Shorter

Awfulness king’s past and innovative, dynamic utopia. Come to know our various city, our undertaken legacy with proud; walk on the narrow streets and spacy places of Veszprém. A thousand experience wait for you in Veszprém!

Site of Veszprém

European Union, Hungary, Central Transdanubia, seat of Veszprém county

110 km from Budapest, to southwest

15 km from Lake Balaton, to north

25 km from Bakony hills, to south


GPS coordinates: 47.09456, 17.90612

The city of Queens is situated in the hills and valleys encircling the Séd stream, in the meeting of three small landscape: it is bordered from north the Bakony hills, from south the Balaton-felvidék, from east the northwest extension of the plain Mezőföld, the Veszprémi-fennsík. This centrality had an important role in the development of the city.

Veszprém is the highest situated county seat: its area is averagely 260 metres above the sea level. In the city there aren’t rare a 30-40 metres falls. This is especially outstanding on the south and east side of the Séd-valley, where because of the work of the northwest winds there are acclivity dolomite rocks.

Approach of Veszprém

By plane

Veszprém can be reach with 1,5 hour drive from the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, and from the Balaton Airprt in Sármellék, too. Budapest linked to the cities of Europe with direct flights, Sármellék welcomes charter flight from the most important sender countries.


On road

Veszprém is in the junction of several country’s main roads, which makes it easier to go Veszprém. The Highway M7 and Main Road Nr. 8 link the city with Budapest. From the capital city and the cities of Transdanube (Győr, Székesfehérvár, Szombathely, Siófok) Veszprém can be reached within 1 or 2 hours. Several scheduled bus service link Veszprém with Budapest and county seats.


By train

Veszprém situated in the Budapest-Szombathely railway line, on which several express trains go along. The city can be reach without change from the Slovenian capital city, Ljubjana. The Veszprém-Győr railway-line goes in the romantic valley of the Cuha-stream, which makes the travel to experience.


The number of residents



Twin cities

Bottrop(D), Gladsaxe (DK), Nitra (SK), Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve (B), Passau (D), Rovaniemi (FIN), Sepsziszentgyörgy (RO), Tarnów (PL), Tartu (EST), Tirat-Carmel (IL)


Partner cities

Ningbo (CN), Saumur (F)



Veszprém, the city of Queens

Veszprém – the origin of the name

The origin name of the city was Bezprem, which is a Slavin origin compound word. Its meaning is bumpy by our philologist. The myth name explanation of Bonfini (historian of King Matthias), which is the remembrance of Queen Gizella, is this: Queen Gizella had put away from the precious stones ornamented fur coat with this shout: “Vessz, prém!”, in order to conduce to the building cost of Saint Michael’s Cathedral. That opinion was widespread: Veszprém name came from the city’s fountain, the Fehér kút’s German name: “Weissbrunn”.


Highlighted sights

Veszprém Castle, Zoo Veszprém