Veszprém Európa Kulturális Fővárosa 2023 pályázat

Veszprém, the Capital City of Culture 2023 application

Veszprém municipality and along with its Bakony and Balaton region is applying for the Capital City of Culture 2023 title. The results of the preparations of the past months will be presented on a press conference on the 4th of October. More Shorter

​Three graphic studios got an invitation for creating the design of the European Cultural Capital City 2023 tender. Their task is to plan the logo, expressing the concept fitting into the spirituality of the keywords “stairs and corners”, “water and wind”, “game and inspiration”.

All the three graphic studios sent several plans and logo drafts to the tender, which evaluation was anonym, where many partners helped to evaluate the drafts (area characters, organisations, representatives, local institutions, members of Council of Arts, specialists etc.) Altogether six logo sketches from three applicants were sent to further evaluation.

The Stalker Studio Ltd. got received the most votes on the audience vote.

The six chosen drafts extended with visual background and concept, and the competition work were evaluated by a jury and an expert group. Based on these, the final logo was designed by the Munkácsy prize winner Gerhes Gábor and his group, the Art-And Bt.

The logo of the competition depicts the cooperation between Veszprém and region Bakony-Balaton, furthermore the positive content of the cooperation. The wave symbol of the emblem depicts the cultural and geographical diversity, their interaction, and blurring. The wave refers to the water of the Lake Balaton and to the hills of Bakony, furthermore the geographical and cultural merge of these two. The logo concept was the plan of the animation planner, Jokesz Anna.

Emphasized concepts:

merging – interaction – harmony – playfulness – landscape outgrowing from water

The Veszprém inscription in the logo refers to the whole (Veszprém) being born from the single parts (letters), following the keyword of playfulness. The official webpage of the project was also designed by the Art-And Bt., and its development was carried out by the Bemind Ltd.

The official webpage of the project:


The official Facebook page of the project:


Interview with the ambassadors:

Furthermore, you may watch a short movie about Veszprém and its regions, presenting the project, and an interview with the ambassadors.

The ambassadors of the Veszprém, the Capital City of Culture 2023:

Freund Tamás, Széchenyi prize winner neurobiologist, university teacher, the member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, vice president of life sciences section from 2014. He studied the cerebral cortex.

Gulyás Péter, Hungarian handball player

Laposa Zsófia, vintner

Laposa Bence, vintner, president of the Balaton Circle

Likó Marcell, Fonogram and Gizella prize winner, leader of Vad Fruttik music group and radio presenter

Mikósa Erika, Kossuth, Liszt Ferenc, Prima Primissima prize winner coloratura soprano singer

M. Tóth Géza, Oscar prize nominated, Balázs Béla prize winner movie director, producer, the founder and leader of KEDD Creative Studio, rector of University of Theatre and Film Arts, the member of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

Ókovács Szilveszter, opera singer, music critics, publicist, radio and television presenter, chief executive officer of Duna TV between 2010-2011, government commissioner and then director general of the Hungarian Opera House from 2011.

Szakály György, Kossuth and Liszt Ferenc prize winner dance artist, university teacher and the rector of Hungarian Dance Academy

Zoób Kati, fashion designer, founder of Katti Zoób fashion brand. Her work was rewarded with a number of domestic and international prizes.

The city cooperating with its citizens and supporters would like to make the project real. According to the intension of Veszprém, the project focuses on the city’s outstanding cultural mobilising strength and its exceptional conditioned program sites and the travel attractiveness.

They pay emphasized attention to the social role taking in the international and European background of the project.


Address: Veszprém