Veszprém, a kézilabda hazai fellegvára

Veszprém, the Hungarian centre of handball

The ball flies, the net tears… thousands of fans fill the Veszprém Arena, which was handed over in 2008. More Shorter

The second largest rural sport and program hall of the country means the domestic place to the world-famous handball team, to Telekom Veszprém. The man handball team has a bright past and present, which is the city’s pride, since the team has won the Hungarian championship twenty-one times, has won the Hungarian cup twenty-two times, has won the EHF cup Europe twice and has won the EHF champions’ league once. Its home is the Veszprém Arena.

Besides the sport programs the modern establishment grants dance competitions, exhibitions, fashion shows, ice-shows, motorist and horse riding programs, as well. Several stars has presented their shows – like the Lord of the Dance, Boney M, DJ Tiesto – on the stage of Veszprém Arena. The program hall serves as the rain site of VeszprémFest year by year.

Several sports experts, organisers of Hungarian and international congresses recognized the perfect conditions of Veszprém Arena, so many programs like these are organized in the establishment. The exclusive interior decoration carries solutions, like unobstructed spaces, conference rooms, VIP blocks, foyer, it can be the host of international conferences, as well.

We can reach the location from the city centre on foot and by bicycle easily, but the dear guest may arrive from the other part of the world, since it has an own helicopter landing strip and a parking place for at least a thousand cars.

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Külső-Kádártai u.
Phone number: +36 88 688 504