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Lake Balaton has got two important characteristic features that everyone knows: the Hungarian sea, and the biggest lake of Central Europe. Of course it has got many other features, such as wines, lookouts, museums, fortresses and castles… all of these can be found around Balaton, and those who would like to ride their bikes around Balaton, they can find their own useful pieces of information, as well.

Hungary’s climate is continental, although many Mediterranean effects can be recognized around Balaton. These make not just the citizens but also the wine growers glad, since the Mediterranean climate offers perfect circumstances for grape farming on the sunny hills of northern parts.

The lake itself is 77 km long, it is the narrowest between Tihany and Szántód (only 1,5 km distance), and we should swim the most between Balatonalmádi and Balatonvilágos if we wanted to swim from the northern part to the southern one, since the distance of the two towns is 12,7 km long.

The development of the cycle track contributed to the upswing of the tourism. The works started in 1993 and the roads were ready to be used in 2002. However several parts of the cycle track require a continuous development, there is a coherent road around the lake – somewhere with a totally built cycle track, somewhere with the roads of coastal towns –, which is 210 km long.

Balaton offers a wide range of facilities both in summer and winter. The local organizations focus on winter as well, so it is worthy to visit the neighbourhood on rainy and cold days, for example because of the baths.


  • Siófok: Galerius bath
  • Marcali: Urban leisure centre
  • Lake Hévíz
  • Zalakaros
  • Alsópáhok
  • Kehidakustány
  • Zalaszentgrót
  • Fonyód – Csiszta bath
  • Igal

Amusement parks:

Families with small children, or those who are looking for adventure may choose from several amusement parks.

  • Zamárdi
  • Tihany
  • Balatonfűzfő
  • Gyenesdiás
  • Csopak
  • Balatonboglár
  • Zalaszabar
  • Nemesvite – Westernpark
  • Rezi Dino Park
  • Balatonfüred – Extreme Adventure park (Extrém kalandpark)

Natural treasures:

Balaton and its neighbourhood has got several natural treasures, for example the thermal water of Hévíz, Kőtenger or the Saint György mountain offer interesting sights for the people. The cave of Tapolca is a rarity for the visitors, where they can go around the cave system under the land with a boat.

  • Lake Hévíz
  • Kis-Balaton (Small Lake Balaton)
  • Kőtenger (Szentbékálla)
  • Saint György mountain
  • Hegyestű (Monoszló)
  • Cave of Tapolca
  • Csodabogyós cave, Balatonederics
  • Lóczy cave, Balatonfüred
  • Tihanyi Barátlakás (House of friends)


Fortresses, castles:

  • Szigliget
  • Nagyvázsony
  • Keszthely
  • Balácapuszta



  • Balatonvilágos: Panoráma kilátó (Panorama lookout)
  • Balatonkenese: Soós-hegyi kilátó (Soós mountain lookout)
  • Balatonalmádi: Óvári lookout
  • Alsóörs: Csere-hegyi lookout
  • Csopak: Endrődi Sándor lookout
  • Balatonfüred: Jókai és Noszlopy lookout
  • Tihanyi-félsziget (Tihany peninsula)
  • Köveskál-Szenbékálla: Fekete-hegyi Eötvös Károly lookout
  • Mencshely: Kossuth lookout
  • Badacsony: Kisfaludy lookout
  • Badacsonyi körút: Rózsakő, Hertelendy lookout point, Kisfaludy lookout, Kő-kapu, Tördemici lookout, Stairs of Bujdosók, Ranolder cross
  • Fonyód: Sipos-hegyi, Valkó, Várhegyi Szépkilátó
  • Balatonboglár: Gömbkilátó (Sphere lookout)
  • Siófok: Víztorony (Water tower)
  • Zamárdi: Kőhegy


Visitor centres:

Besides the previously mentioned programs, visitor centres and museums are waiting for the tourists, where they can look into the secrets of the lavender plantations of Tihany, or they can visit the flora and the fauna of Balatonfüred.

  • Tihany Levendula Ház Látogatóközpont (Lavender House Visitor Centre Tihany)
  • Balatonfüred Balaton élővilágát bemutató ökoturisztikai látogatóközpont (Balatonfüred: ecotouristic visitor centre introducing the flora and fauna of Balaton)
  • Gyenesdiás-Keszhely Természet háza (House of Nature)
  • Tapolcai tavasbarlang (Cave of Tapolca)
  • Badacsonytördemic ökoturisztikai látogató központ (Ecotouristic visitor centre)
  • Zánka Gyógynövény-völgy (Zánka herbal valley)



  • Tihany: Kogart 
  • Keszthely: Balaton Museum
  • Balatonszárszó: József Attila House
  • Balatonfüred: Jókai Mór House
  • Badacsony: Egry József Museum
  • Badacsony: Szegedy Róza House
  • Balatonszemes: Latinovits Zoltán Museum
  • Nikla: residency of Berzsenyi Dániel


Animal parks:

Those who like spending time with animals can choose from several local animal and wild parks.

  • Keszthely – Gyenesdiás: Festetics Imre Animal Park
  • Kápolnapuszta: Buffalo reservation
  • Salföld: Major
  • Balatonederics: Africa Museum


Special vehicles around Balaton:

Last but not least Balaton is really exciting not just on two or four wheels but there are many opportunities for those who would like to try other vehicles.

  • SUP (Stand-up paddle): Tihany, Siófok, Balatonföldvár
  • Dragon boat: Balatonfüred
  • Hot-air balloon: Keszthely-Hévíz
  • Plane ride: Siófok, Balatoneerics
  • Railway: Balatonfenyves-Somogyszentpál
  • Segway: Hézív, Zalakaros, Balatonfüred
Address: Balaton