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The zoo named after the reputed Africa explorer, Kálmán Kittenberger was established in 1958 in a picturesque environment. 

This is the country zoo in Hungary with the longest standing traditions. The Zoo with continuously developing services is open to visitors all year!

In the picturesque Fejes Valley area we can see traditional zoo animals such as the big cats from exotic places, the enormous Kamchatka brown bears, the colourful water birds and other unique animals like the playful Madagascan lemurs and the Gelada baboons, the funny tapirs, the ever curious meerkats and the red panda couple.

The Africa Savannah enclosure, occupying a 15,000 m2 area on the Gulya Hill, enjoys the most popularity, as visitors can observe ostriches, zebras, and a herd of giraffes and the three members of the square lipped rhino family. Meanwhile visitors can also rest on the covered lookout tower above the enclosure.

The Chimpanzee World was built next to the Savannah enclosure. At the moment two groups of chimpanzees fill the house with life. In the inner area only a glass panel separates the chimps and the visitors, while in the outer enclosure a moat serves the same function.

Since 2015 you can also see elephants, seals and penguins in the Veszprém Zoo!

During your visit, you can observe animal feedings, stop at the petting zoo and have fun at the outdoor and indoor playgrounds.

Veszprém Zoo is open every day throughout the year!

Location of the Zoo

Veszprém Zoo is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region, just 15 kilometres away from Lake Balaton.

The Zoo, offering great entertainment for both young and elderly visitors, opened on 1st August 1958, was bulit in merely 5 months with exemplary voluntary work. The Zoo consists of two parts, one in the Fejes Valley and one in the adjacent Gulya Hill. The Zoo can be reached from downtown Veszprém in a short walk. There is a nice walking and cycling path next to the Séd brook in the Séd valley which leads tourists from the Castle to the Zoo entrance. By car it is worth avoiding the city centre, approaching the Zoo from the western ring road (road Nr. 8.).

Click here to see the location in a spherical panorama picture!

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Kittenberger str. 15.
Phone number: +36 30/699-0870
Payment facilities:
  • Credit Card
  • Kultúra voucher





January 1 - February 28

9.00 - 15.00

9.00 - 15.30

March 1 - 31

9.00 - 15.30

9.00 - 16.00

April 1 - 30

May 1 - 31

9.00 - 17.00

9.00 - 15.30

9.00 - 17.30


June 1- August 30            9.00 - 18.00            9.00 - 18.00

August 31- September 30

9.00 - 16.00

9.00 - 18.00

October 1 - 31

9.00 - 15.30

9.00 - 17.00

November 2 - December 31

9.00 - 15.00

9.00 - 15.30

Guide (min. 2 hours)

10200 HUF/group

  • Petting zoo
  • animal feedings
  • outdoor and indoor playgrounds (Kids’ Jungle)

For further information please contact the Zoo.



Child (Age 2-18)

2500 HUF

Child (Age 0-2)

200 HUF


2600 HUF


3500 HUF


2600 HUF

Full Price / Supporter Ticket

6000 HUF




Nursery (min. 15 persons)

700 HUF

Children (min. 15 persons)

2200 HUF

Students (min. 15 persons)

2200 HUF

Adults (min. 15 persons)

3200 HUF

Pensioners (min. 15 persons)

2200 HUF


For further information please load down the pdf file attached!