VESZPRÉMFEST 2021 (08/17/2021 - 08/21/2021)

The VeszprémFest’s date and announced programs have been changed. We welcome the audience between 17-21 August. More Shorter

​This year, spectators of the premium music festival will be able to see eight concerts at three venues for five days.
The full program will be presented in May.

The main stages in the História Garden and in the Veszprém Arena will feature international jazz, pop and world music stars, and in the Jesuit Ruin Garden, the third venue of the premium music festival, will feature concerts by world-famous Hungarian musicians.


Date: 17-21 August 2021
Place: História Garden, Veszprém Arena  and Jesuit Ruin Garden


Zenevonat – Superconcert with the LGT's stars • VeszprémFest 2021

Date: 17TH AUGUST 2021 21:00 TUESDAY
Place: História Garden


Jazz + Az • VeszprémFest 2021

Date: 18TH AUGUST 2021 21:00 WEDNESDAY
Place: História Garden

Jazz+Az is a short-lived but highly successful Hungarian pop group. It was established by Péter Geszti and László Dés in 1997, when they wrote songs for the film entitled “A miniszter félrelép” (Out of Order) and decided to make a musical involving the new band. The joint authors asked three exceptional singers, Orsi Kozma, Eszter Váczi and Dóri Behumi to join the production.

They released two albums and one remix album altogether. The first was released in 1998 under the title “Kalózok” (Pirates), collecting the music of a film with a similar title. The debut was a great success for the band and led to enormous popularity. Their next album, “Egynek jó” (It will do) – in which “funky” appeared as a more dominant element compared to the first album – was released in 1999 followed by “Ez meg mi” (What’s this? – Remix album) in 2000.

Releasing three albums and with numerous hits becoming public favourites, all the band’s albums achieved platinum status, and they also received the “Arany Zsiráf” (Golden Giraffe) award in 2000. They announced their break-up in the same year, at the peak of this success. Their career closed with a farewell concert in the Kisstadion.

On the 20th anniversary of this sold-out farewell concert, Geszti, Dés and the girls decided to get on stage at the Papp László Budapest Sportaréna in January 2020 to perform the best songs of their career, with resounding success in front of the crowded auditorium.

Their next performance will be on VeszprémFest, where you can enjoy the hits again with the distinctive style of the lyrics written by Péter Geszti.



Sir Tom Jones • VeszprémFest 2021

Date: 19TH AUGUST 2021 20:00 THURSDAY
Place: Veszprém Arena

TOM JONES - Surrounded by The Time

The legend Sir Tom Jones will take to Veszprém Arena’s stage to repeat his hugely successful concert of 2017. 

Tom Jones is one of the few musical acts who began singing at the dawn of modern pop music and continues his musical career uninterrupted to this day with important records and performances. His fascinating interpretation spans musical eras and genres, and is intended for fans from young to old, men and women, mainstream and niche music lovers. 

The 80-year-old musician has released 42 studio albums throughout his eventful career, of which more than 150 million copies were sold worldwide. His brand new studio album entitled Surrounded by The Time will be released 23rd April. He has had 36 songs in the UK and 19 songs in the US Top 40 chart.  

In 1966, Jones was awarded a Grammy for Best New Artist, he received an MTV Video Music award in 1989, as well as two Brit Awards. In 2006, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his services to music. From 2012, with the exception of one series, he has been one of the main coaches on The Voice UK. 



Concerto Budapest, Keller András, Snétberger Ferenc, Roby Lakatos • VeszprémFest 2021

Date: 20TH AUGUST 2021 21:00 FRIDAY

Place: História Garden



Cotton Club Singers • VeszprémFest 2021

Date: 21TH AUGUST 2021 21:00 SATURDAY

Place: História Garden




VeszprémFest Classic • VeszprémFest 2021


Date: 17TH AUGUST 2021 18:30TUESDAY
Place: Jesuit Churchyard

It was three years ago that Erika Miklósa and János Balázs appeared together in front of the audience seeking a common voice belonging to both of their respective musical areas: opera and piano literature. These two worlds and the two performers found each other in a very natural manner, as both opera and piano art were at their zeniths in the romantic era and were revived in the last century. Both artists want the audience to feel the musical freedom and the joy that the audiences of Mozart, Verdi and Liszt, and even György Czifra, were able to experience. The coloratura soprano singer – who last year was elected to the Immortals’ Society – and her Kossuth award-winning pianist partner compile their programme from arias, popular songs and virtuosic arrangements without genre constraints.

This event is part of the George Cziffra Memorial Year, for further information and programmes, please visit:


Date: 18TH AUGUST 2021 18:30 WEDNESDAY
Place: Jesuit Churchyard

János Balázs, József Lendvay and Béla Szakcsi Lakatos

Ferenc Liszt had already been a concert player for more than ten years when he first heard Niccolò Paganini play in Paris in 1832, and this experience reshaped his thoughts on music. “What a man, what a violin, what an artist! Heavens! What sufferings, what misery, what tortures in those four strings!”, he wrote in a letter. In the joint Paganini+ soirée of Cziffra Festival and VeszprémFest, János Balázs plays Liszt etudes, Béla Szakcsi Lakatos improvises and József Lendvay gives a virtuosic performance of the original compositions of Paganini. The speciality of this programme is that – in a very unconventional manner – it presents the innovation of Paganini’s oeuvre over several centuries: the audience of the Memorial Year can listen to his masterpieces in their original version, in a Liszt-arrangement and in a jazz arrangement.

This event is part of the George Cziffra Memorial Year, for further information and programmes, please visit:


Date19TH AUGUST 2021 18:30 WEDNESDAY
Place: Jesuit Churchyard

There is a small spot in a dark alley that no one is aware of, but it is known to all. Life starts here when the sun sets, and it closes when the world itself comes to an end. So many songs – a few snapshots of the customers addicted to rapture: young lovers and old bohemians, naive dreamers and sensual criminals, artists and cemented regulars. Our magical descent is guided by Kátya Tompos, the actress with a thousand faces, and János Balázs, Kossuth award-winning pianist, who are comfortable in all genres, whether it be chansons or classical music.

This event is part of the George Cziffra Memorial Year, for further information and programmes, please visit:



Address: Veszprém
Date of event:08/17/2021 - 08/21/2021
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