Völgyikút Ház

Völgyikút House

In one of the most tranquil and beautiful zones of Veszprém close to the city centre, next to a 1 acres park Völgyikút House is waiting for its guests. More Shorter

In one of the most tranquil and beautiful zones of Veszprém, next to a 1 acres park Völgyikút House is waiting for those with a desire to relax, to do sport activities and to get renew ed both phisically and mentally close to the city centre.  For  the building design of the complex  Zsófia Csomay and György Nagy won the Pro Architecture Prize issued by Mihály Varga, Minister of Economics and Developement. Part of the building complex is the mini design family hotel with 9 rooms, one of which is easyly accessible for guests with different capacities.

Roomprice includes continental breakfast and other breakfast options that are served at the Cafe between 7- 10 am. Rooms are accessed with WiFi enabling connection and communication.  Additional services like safe, minibar and information package about the local sightseeing possibilities are included. The park in front of the building invites guests for a walk, our wellness center is waiting for the hotelguests get renewd both phisically in one of our sauanas, steam cabins or in the jacuzzis as well as during a massage.  At the bowlingcafe daily menu and pizzas while at the restaurants an a la carte menü is awating guests.


Our wellness centre is an island of alternative medicine and healing, that is waiting for those desiring to get renewed physically and mentally. It follows the historic Roman, Türkish and Scandinavian traditions but in a modern ambiance. The Mission of the house is to to help peolpe getting involved with wellness by finding and maintaining the physical, mental and spiritual health.

Among our palette you can find the Finn sauna, infrasauna, revitilizing steam cabin and relaxing jacuzzi.

It is said about using sauna that „if used modestly it is a medicine and if used on a greater scale it is a cure”. Helps with the funtioning of the brain and it has a purifying effect on the body. Its properties can be intensified with aromatic oils, that have a positive effect on the nervous system and on emotions.

Finn sauna is a 3- 4 round treatment, recommended at 70- 90 Celsius. Using aromatic oils can make the sauna even more relaxing. After the body temperature rises, it can be cooled off on fresh air or under a cooling shower. It is crucial to drink water and refreshing fresh drinks as rehidralization is an important part of the process. Sauna treatments train the heart, improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system. Through sweating all the harmful substances leave the body. It is a very effective treatment in dissolving cellulitis and helps renew skincells. It is a medicine for insomnia and additionally helps with mussle ache.

The deep heat of our infracabin intensifies circulation and takes blood rich in oxygen to each of the bodycells. Our sweat helps to prevent the absorption of heavy metals like zink, nikkel and the building up of these substancies in the body. It is also an effective in softening muscles.

The secret of our steamcabin is the rebooting the circulatory system, cleansing the skin from impurities that additionally to cleansing the respiratory system, smoothing the nervous system.

Jacuzzi or massage with water is known to mankind for thousands of years. Its prototype was made by Roy Jacuzzi for his familiar who requiered special treatments. The pressure of the water and the bubbles  are massaging the body lowering the stress factor and accelerated heartbeat, lowering high blood pressure and enabling the process of selfhealing.

Massage has thousands years of history. Its positive effects have been known since historic times from Roman or Türkish baths. Our massage therapist uses a variety of healing technics both refreshing and relaxing.

Additionally to the number of relaxing, healing alternatives fitness classes are offered by our trainers who know the most modern combination of trainings like spinning, siluett power training, dance aerobic, pilates, box aerobic and cangoo.

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Kopácsi str. 2.
Phone number: +36 88 688 800
Open: 1st January - 31st December
Payment facilities:
  • Credit Card
Classification: Second class
Double rooms: 9
Capacity: 21
Price level: average