Séta a várban

Walk in the Castle

This is a majestic city. Ancient cobblestones echo the footsteps of royal figures and legends surround us wherever we go. According to our ancestors, Veszprém was built on seven hills, archaeological finds also prove that this area was inhabited thousands of years ago. More Shorter

The legend passed on through generations, which is dearest to our hearts claims that the city was a favourite for the Hungarian Ruler Géza and his son, who became the country’s first King István (Stephen) I. as well as his wife Gizella, and the city had its heydays around the year 1000, during the reign of the first royal couple. They had established the bishopric, supported the building of St Michael’s Cathedral and the Veszprém Valley Nunnery, where the robe used for crowning ceremonies is said to have been woven. Gizella donated the embroidered robe to the church of the city which had made it the “city of queens” in the interpretation of future ages. The right of the Veszprém bishops to crown the queens from 1216 onwards was also confirmed by a law.

The cult of the beatified queen is still kept alive and strengthened by her relics kept in the Cathedral and the Gizella Days Festival recalling the historic era.

The heritage of István and Gizella offers direction to the people of today. Their personalities, lives and the true stories and spirit of their actions are still entangled into our everyday lives; these still live in the culture, buzzing through every breath of the city.

The following centuries have brought destruction and refurbishment; fire, earthquakes and epidemics damaged the city, which has been damaged by the Hungarian nobilities fighting for power, not sparing the first higher educational institution in the country, the Prebendal High School of the 13th century. The mid 16th century brought almost total destruction due to the Turkish attacks, which makes the St George and Gizella Chapels even in their current condition remarkable architectural treasures. 

Refurbishment started at the beginning of the 18th century, in the Baroque style. Bishop Márton Padányi Bíró removed the outline of the castle, characterised by small houses and narrow streets and established the Holy Trinity Square surrounded by the prebendal palaces, creating one of the largest historic castle areas in Hungary with established residences. Bishop Albert Vetési had the cathedral decorated in the late Gothic style, while Bishop Péter Beriszló, a Croatian viceroy,  modernised the fortification of the Castle. The atmosphere of the thousand-year-old city invites visitors for cosy walks. Do not resist the temptation...  

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Address: Old town of Veszprém
Phone number: +36 88 404 548
Open: 1st January - 31st December
Payment facilities:
  • Balatoni Korona
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Veszprém Castle is open every day throughout the year!

Guide (min. 2 hours) 13.000 HUF/group - You can order the tour gudie at the Tourinform Veszprém Office. Phone: +36 88 404 548, e-mail: (Please book the service in adance.)

You can order a guide at the museums, galleries. 

  • The Castle Street is free to visit
  • Public toilet
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  • Buffet

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