Mészáros Zoltán: Világsztárokat terelgetünk a magyar gasztronómia felé

Zoltán Mészáros: Guiding stars towards the Hungarian gastronomy

Thanks to Zoltán Mészáros, the 250 years old downtown building, the Oliva Hotel and Restaurant became one of the most definitive guesthouses in the city. The quality live music provided by this place has given birth to one of the most renowned cultural festivals of Hungary. More Shorter

The Oliva Restaurant in Veszprém had great moments, however in the 1980s the floruit place has fallen into decay. The 250-year-old building has deserved a better future. Zoltán Mészáros has known that, when he bought and restored the restaurant and expanded it with a little hotel, made it one of the greatest guesthouses in town. The quality live music provided by this place has given birth to one of the most renowned cultural festivals of Hungary.

 - When I was a child the Puszta Restaurant, the predecessor of the Oliva was a really hyped place, actors, lawyers came here from the surrounding areas to eat the classical Hungarian dishes - remember Zoltán Mészáros, recalling the whitewashed, wild vine arboured garden was a kind of center of the town’s culture life. Nevertheless, the restaurant was closed after the change of the regime to reborn nine years after, thanks to Zoltán Mészáros.

The Oliva has preserved it’s previous clientele which was expanded by young couples and jazz enthusiasts. The owner usually invited the most famous persons of the Hungarian jazz-life to provide quality live music for the guests. - I can proudly state, that’s the place where the prominent VeszprémFest has come from - he said, then added: the frontman of the late Cotton Club Singers has brought up first, that it would be a good idea to organise a concert for more people. - First we’ve rented the aula of the University of Pannonia and that’s where our road has started to the castle -pointed out.

VeszprémFest is indeed one of the greatest event of the Hungarian Jazz community, where you can find worldwide famous international and domestic performers every year. The gastronomy connected with it has also some specialities. The Oliva provides the most delicate dishes for VIP guests and stars for 15 years now.
- This is a huge, but also an exciting task to us -explains Zoltán and add: We should fulfill the catering requests of the international stars as well.

- To tell you the truth in the past 15 years, we have organised 70 major international productions, and I have a feeling, that they can not surprise us anymore -laughing. - We try to acquaint the foreign performers with the Hungarian gastronomy, next to their specific demands. From Tom Jones to Nigel Kennedy, we could satisfied everyone’s caprice. None the less, we could convinced the Gipsy Kings who were famous for being a french wine lover band, that they should taste the best domestical wines here - emphasize. In the end, it was so successful, that they went home with boxes of Hungarian wine.


Address: 8200 Veszprém, Buhim utca 14-16.