Tourinform Veszprém Iroda

Tourinform Veszprém Office

You are welcome to our office at Óváros Square 2. where our colleagues are looking forward to help you! More

Séta a várban

Walk in the Castle

This is a majestic city. Ancient cobblestones echo the footsteps of royal figures and legends surround us wherever we go. According to our ancestors, Veszprém was built on seven hills, archaeological finds also prove that this area was inhabited thousands of years ago. More

Veszprémi hasznos információk

Veszprém useful information

Here you can find lists which can be useful for travel-planners and the citizens living in Veszprém and its surroundings as well. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office, call us on the phone or write us an e-mail. More

Modern Képtár - Vass László Gyűjtemény

Modern Art Gallery - Vass László Collection

Similarly to the rain slowly falling down the rocks and filling the holes with glittering water, the small nooks of Várhegy (Castle Hill) are filled up with museums. The square opening by the castle gate is also small and concealed. More

Piarist and garrison church

Piarist and Garrison Church

The Piarist Church erected between 1828-1836. More

Óváros tér

Old Town Square

The octagonal shaped Old Town (Óváros) Square is worth visiting! Many beautiful and historic buildings embrace the square. This is the heart of the town. In olden times this was the market square; today it has become a permanent location for our most popular festivals. More

Szent Mihály szobor

Saint Michael's statue

In 2017 on the Saint Micheal day the statue of the town's and the Basilica's of Veszprém patron saint, financed from public founding, was consecrated on the Óváros Square. More

Herendi Porcelanium

Herend Porcelanium

Herend is the domestic citadel of the artistic porcelain-making. Because of the he Porcelanium visitor centre’s high-standard programmes we can spend our whole day with substantial relaxation if we visit this place. More

Művészetek Háza

House of Arts

The House of Arts is the home of culture. The main building and the galleries can be found in the Veszprém Castle. More

Gisella Chapel

Gisella Chapel

This episcopal or royal private chapel was built by Bishop Robertus. The walls are covered with Byzantie frescoes of the apostles painted in the 13th century which are among the oldest paintings in Hungary. Other unique traits of the chapel include its archstones. More