Information about parking for groups arriving by charter bus at Veszprém

Information about parking for groups arriving by charter bus at Veszprém

You can find some useful information about parking if you planning a trip to Veszprém by private bus. More

Herendi Porcelanium

Herend Porcelanium

Herend is the domestic citadel of the artistic porcelain-making. Because of the he Porcelanium visitor centre’s high-standard programmes we can spend our whole day with substantial relaxation if we visit this place. More

Víziközmű Múzeum Veszprém

The Water Supply Museum

The Water Supply Museum and Exhibition Room was established by the BAKONYKARSZT Ltd. and it is commemorate not just to the drinking water supply of Veszprém, but it insights into the beauty and details of the water work with thematic exhibition. More

VeszprémFest Jegyiroda

VeszprémFest Office

Veszprémfest is an 11-year-old, dynamically developing, large-scale cultural event creating true values for lovers of art and quality music from Veszprém and from the whole country. You can buy tickets and get information about the festival in the VeszprémFest Office. More

County Hall

County Hall

After walking through Kossuth utca, turn right and then immediately left and you can catch sight of the Neo-renaissance building of the Veszprém County Hall. More


Africa House

One of the newest establishment of the zoo, the Africa House can be visited since September 2010. It is open also in winter and summer. Giraffes belong to the most popular zoo animals. At good weather they can be visited on the savanna-runner among rhinos and zebras. More


Gulya Hill

Veszprém offers a varied programme for allactive tourism enthusiasts. The Gulya Hill Forest Park invites young and old to play! The upper part of the Veszprém Zoo can be found next to the forest park. Visitors can observe rhinos, zebras and a herd of giraffes at the Africa S More

Chimpanzee World

Chimpanzee World

2009 was the Year of the Chimpanzees in the Veszprém Zoo. The new building called Chimpanzee World can house up to 20 primates in the most modern conditions meeting the highest zoo standards as well as the tourists' expectations. The Zoo is worth a visit in 2014 and 2015! More

Csikász Galéria (Simoga-ház)

Csikász Gallery (Simoga House)

The largest gallery is the Csikász Gallery, which houses temporary exhibitions introducing and displaying contemporary creative art. More


Dravecz House

The Dravecz House named after Custos József Dravecz was built in the late 18th century. More