Kids' Jungle

Kids' Jungle

In 2010 saw the opening of the Kids' Jungle indoor play area and terrarium popular with families and children. Through glass panels visitors can watch species such as the gigantic albino tiger python, the Madagascan day geckos and the veiled chameleons. More

Bemutatkozik a Veszprémi Turisztikai Egyesület

Introduction of the Veszprém Tourism Association

The Veszprém Tourism Association has been working since 2005 in the city of Queens. Its members are hotels, pensions, restaurants, event organisers and other persons who are stakeholders in Veszprém's tourism sector. More

Rendezvényprofi Kft.

Rendezvényprofi Ltd.

The RENDEZVÉNYPROFI LTD. offers high quality services tailored to individual requests, whether it be business events, family gatherings or meeting friends. More

Boldog Gizella Főegyházmegyei Gyűjtemény

Beatified Gizella Diocese Collection

The Tejfalussy House, which gives home to the collection of the Beatified Gizella Diocese Collection, was built in the early 1770s. More

Benedict Hill Cross

Benedict Hill Cross

On the Northern side of the Castle narrow paved stairs lead down to the Benedict Hill which used to be the burial place of our ancestors. More

Historic walk in the Castle with boards

Historic walk in the Castle with boards

Tourists can orientate themselves with the help of a board system in Veszprém, which introduces the sights in the castle. The 20 copper boards illustrate each building graphically. They mark the place of the nearest boards too, so you can go along a guided way. More

Csikász Galéria (Simoga-ház)

Csikász Gallery (Simoga House)

The largest gallery is the Csikász Gallery, which houses temporary exhibitions introducing and displaying contemporary creative art. More

Millennial Monument

Millennial Monument

Millennial Monument - sculpted by Mária Lugossy. More

Kapuváry - ház

Kapuváry House

The town leaders established the second town hall of Veszprém from a real palace. The ornamental Rococo style garret-roofed two-storey building - located on the corner of Szabadság tér in a busy crossroads - was erected by Canon Antal Kapuváry in 1793. More

Havranek ház

Havranek House

The Havranek House – named after its builder – stands opposite the County Court in the Veszprém Castle. More