Séta a várban

Walk in the Castle

This is a majestic city. Ancient cobblestones echo the footsteps of royal figures and legends surround us wherever we go. According to our ancestors, Veszprém was built on seven hills, archaeological finds also prove that this area was inhabited thousands of years ago. More

Tourinform Veszprém Iroda

Tourinform Veszprém Office

You are welcome to our office at Óváros Square 2. where our colleagues are looking forward to help you! More

Herendi Porcelanium

Herend Porcelanium

Herend is the domestic citadel of the artistic porcelain-making. Because of the he Porcelanium visitor centre’s high-standard programmes we can spend our whole day with substantial relaxation if we visit this place. More

Kilátótúra Veszprémben és környékén - Jutas Vitéz kilátó


Veszprém gives you many opportunity to the active recreation. There are a number of look-out points. With these you can know the city and around. More


Fire Lookout Tower

Walking on from here we catch sight of the Fire Tower, one of the symbols of the town. More

University of Pannonia

University of Pannonia

The University in Veszprém has become one of the significant higher educational institutions of the Central Transdanubia Region since it was established more than 60 years ago. The University now has five faculties and is also present in other counties with its campuses. More

Heroes' Gate

Heroes' Gate

On the Heroes’ Gate, opened in 1939 and renovated in 2013, visitors learn about the history of the building and heroes end events of Veszprém during the revolution and freedom fight of 1848 and 1849, World Wars I and II, and revolution and freedom fight of 1956. More

Veszprémi Petőfi Színház

Petőfi Theatre of Veszprém

The Petőfi Theater of Veszprém is the significant, nationwide famous cultural centrum of Veszprém county and the Balaton region. More

Veszprémi hasznos információk

Veszprém useful information

Here you can find lists which can be useful for travel-planners and the citizens living in Veszprém and its surroundings as well. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office, call us on the phone or write us an e-mail. More

Veszprémvölgyi Görög Apácakolostor

Ruins of the Greek Orthodox Nunnery and Jesuit Church

If you have more time, you should visit the remains known as the ruins of the Nunnery of the Veszprém-völgy (Veszprém Valley) Nuns in Séd-völgy (Séd Valley) near the zoo. More