Kids' Jungle

Kids' Jungle

In 2010 saw the opening of the Kids' Jungle indoor play area and terrarium popular with families and children. Through glass panels visitors can watch species such as the gigantic albino tiger python, the Madagascan day geckos and the veiled chameleons. More

Laczkó Dezső Múzeum

Dezső Laczkó Museum

The two-storey Dezső Laczkó Museum, decorated with red sandstone, is in the shadow of huge trees at the edge of Erzsébet Park. The former Bakonyi Museum awaits its visitors with permanent and temporary exhibitions all round the year. More

Bakonyi Ház

Bakony Ethnographical House

One of the first open-air ethnographical museums of Hungary, the Bakony Ethnographical House can be found next to Dezső Laczkó Museum. This house was built as a replica of a 19th century house in 1935. More

Szent Miklós-szeg (volt Kálvária-domb)

Saint Nicholas Church

The Saint Stephen Church was situated in the thousand year-old part of the city, on the Hill of "Szent-Miklós-szeg", named after teh patron saint of industrial workers and merchants. Its recently discovered ruins and its environment were opened in the May of 2006. More

Csikász Galéria (Simoga-ház)

Csikász Gallery (Simoga House)

The largest gallery is the Csikász Gallery, which houses temporary exhibitions introducing and displaying contemporary creative art. More

Kapuváry - ház

Kapuváry House

The town leaders established the second town hall of Veszprém from a real palace. The ornamental Rococo style garret-roofed two-storey building - located on the corner of Szabadság tér in a busy crossroads - was erected by Canon Antal Kapuváry in 1793. More


Körmendy House

On the left Körmendy House closes down the line of palaces in the Castle street. The early Baroque house was built at the beginning of the 18th century for Custos Imre Körmendy. More

Pannon Várszínház

Pannon Theatre

Pannon Theatre is the first and to nowadays is the one regional theatre in the country. Its centre is Veszprém. The founder of the theatre and its artistic director is László Vándorfi, as well. More

Kuszi Kerékpárszaküzlet és Szervíz

Kuszi Bicycle Shop and Service

Would you like a good and safe bicycle? If yes here is the solution! More

MO-TU 2 Fordító és Szolgáltató Bt.

MO-TU 2 Translator and Service Provider L. p.

Translating, interpreting, language and terminology teaching, business training, image design, online marketing... More