Discover the past of Veszprém, do a time travel from prehistoric times to the present! More

Salesianum - Archbishopric's Touristic Centre

Salesianum - Archbishopric's Touristic Centre

The Salesianum Archiepiscopal Tourist Centre awaits you in the Veszprém Castle. More

Saint Michael's Cathedral

Saint Michael's Cathedral

The Saint Michael's Cathedral is closed from 11 November. More

Gisella Chapel

Gisella Chapel

This episcopal or royal private chapel was built by Bishop Robertus. The walls are covered with Byzantie frescoes of the apostles painted in the 13th century which are among the oldest paintings in Hungary. Other unique traits of the chapel include its archstones. More

Szent György-kápolna

Saint George Chapel

The Saint George Chapel is closed from 11 November. More

Ferences templom

Franciscan Church

Next to this house you can see the single-naved Rococo Franciscan Church built in 1730. More

Piarist and garrison church

Piarist and Garrison Church

The Piarist Church erected between 1828-1836. More

Szentháromság szobor

Holy Trinity Statue

The Holy Trinity Statue erected in 1750 on the order of Márton Padányi Bíró is in the centre of the square. More

Szentháromság tér

Holy Trinity Square

The gem of Veszprém Castle is the Holy Trinity Square, the home of ecclesiastical treasures as well as modern arts. This is the scene of open-air festivals and concerts. More

I. István és Gizella szobra

The statues of Stephen I. and Gisella

At the end of the Castle Street on the look-out turret you can see the statue composition of the Hugarian royal couple with the statues of Saint Stephen and Gisella which became the symbol of Veszprém. More