Tourinform Veszprém Iroda

Tourinform Veszprém Office

You are welcome to our office at Óváros Square 2. where our colleagues are looking forward to help you! More



The zoo named after the reputed Africa explorer, Kálmán Kittenberger was established in 1958 in a picturesque environment. More

Kolostorok és kertek a Veszprémi Vár tövében

Cloisters and gardens at the foot of the Castle

The walking path in the Séd Valley can be visited from March 2011.This connects the Castle of Veszprém and the Zoo.There are two cloisters here from the age of the Árpád House.Due to the setting up of the walking way the two monuments can be visited again and were renovated. More

Víziközmű Múzeum Veszprém

The Water Supply Museum

The Water Supply Museum and Exhibition Room was established by the BAKONYKARSZT Ltd. and it is commemorate not just to the drinking water supply of Veszprém, but it insights into the beauty and details of the water work with thematic exhibition. More

Bringaréna Eplény

Bringapark Eplény

Not the ski slope, not the four persons lift sleeps in summer. From spring to fall the Bringapark Eplény waits for its visitors Hungarian only lifted bike park. More

Bemutatkozik a Veszprémi Turisztikai Egyesület

Introduction of the Veszprém Tourism Association

The Veszprém Tourism Association has been working since 2005 in the city of Queens. Its members are hotels, pensions, restaurants, event organisers and other persons who are stakeholders in Veszprém's tourism sector. More

Szent György-kápolna

Saint George Chapel

We can find the remains of St George's Round Chapel by St Michael's Cathedral. More

Modern Képtár - Vass László Gyűjtemény

Modern Art Gallery - Vass László Collection

Similarly to the rain slowly falling down the rocks and filling the holes with glittering water, the small nooks of Várhegy (Castle Hill) are filled up with museums. The square opening by the castle gate is also small and concealed. More

I. István és Gizella szobra

The statues of Stephen I. and Gisella

At the end of the Castle Street on the look-out turret you can see the statue composition of the Hugarian royal couple with the statues of Saint Stephen and Gisella which became the symbol of Veszprém. More

Historic walk in the Castle with boards

Historic walk in the Castle with boards

Tourists can orientate themselves with the help of a board system in Veszprém, which introduces the sights in the castle. The 20 copper boards illustrate each building graphically. They mark the place of the nearest boards too, so you can go along a guided way. More