VESZPRÉM-BALATON PICNIC & MOVIE NIGHTS (09/03/2020 - 09/05/2020)

Veszprém won the title of the European Capital of Culture (ECC) in 2023! The winner bid was prepared with the professional support of HETFA. In the final round Veszprém competed with Győr and Debrecen. More Shorter

Veszprém applied jointly with the Bakony and Balaton Region for the ECC title. According to the current plans, in order to use the support successfully, culture and high added value creative industries will become the main motor of regional development.

The Veszprém-Balaton Film Piknic initiative, implemented within the framework of the European Capital of Culture 2023 programme, supports the effort to strengthen the cultural and creative region of Veszprém and Lake Balaton and increase their European visibility.
The time and location of the Veszprém-Balaton Film Picnic allows the film industry and the  audience to watch Hungarian films, meet Hungarian stars and filmmakers, watch and re-discover contemporary and classic masterpieces, blockbusters and rarities, all at the buzzing Lake balaton in late summer.

Address: Veszprém
Date of event:09/03/2020 - 09/05/2020
Organizer Name: Veszprém-Balaton 2023 Zrt.
Organizer Address: 8200 Veszprém, Óváros tér 9.
III. Róbert Rátonyi Operetta Festival


This year a two-day operetta festival - named after Rátonyi Rátonyi, the uncrowned king of the operetta genre - will be organized for the third time by Petőfi Theater of Veszprém from 19 to 20 of August in 2020. More Shorter

​In August 2020, the operetta will once again be the main star in the Petőfi Theater of Veszprém, as the I. Róbert Rátonyi Operetta Festival showed a huge demand for the operetta genre that has become hungaricum

New date: August 19-20., 2020

More information later.

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Óvári Ferenc u. 2.
Phone number: +36 88 564 220
Date of event:08/19/2020 - 08/20/2020
Organizer Name: Veszprémi Petőfi Színház
Organizer Address: 8200 Veszprém, Óvári Ferenc u. 2.
Organizer Phone: +36 88 564 220
Organizer Email:
Organizer Web:
Rozé, Rizling & Jazz Napok - 2020

ROSE, RIESLING AND JAZZ DAYS - 2020 (08/16/2020 - 08/23/2020)

This year, the Rozé, Riesling and Jazz Days 2020 awaits its guests in the Old Town Square of Veszprém from August 16 to 23. More Shorter

True to the traditions of the wine and gastronomic event celebrating its 10th anniversary, this year too it will primarily present the defining wineries of the Balaton Wine Region.

For eight days, visitors can meet 30 Balaton wineries and the specialties of guest wineries invited from outside the region. In addition, and besides the gastronomy exhibitors that have been very popular for years, the productions of the artists of the Hungarian jazz life entertain the audience of the Rosé, Riesling and Jazz Days.

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Óváros tér
Date of event:08/16/2020 - 08/23/2020
Organizer Name: Veszprémi Ünnepi Játékok Kft.
Organizer Address: Veszprém, Óváros tér 22.
Organizer Phone: +36 88 800 900
Organizer Web:
Holy Trinity Square

ARS SACRA FESTIVAL - 2020 (09/12/2020 - 09/20/2020)

The Ars Sacra Festival is the fruit of the 2007 International City Mission Series. Its purpose is to show signs of hope in culture through the defining values of our national culture with the help of various genres of art. More Shorter

One of the largest museums, cultural centers, galleries and artists of Hungary voluntarily join to the Ars Sacra Festival. The programs of the festival – arts and craft exhibitions, concerts of various genres, theatrical, literary performances, guided tours, children's programs - can be visited free of charge by the public.

Date: September 12-20, 2020

More information later.


Address: 8200 Veszprém
Date of event:09/12/2020 - 09/20/2020

AUER FESTIVAL IN VESZPRÉM (08/13/2020 - 08/16/2020)

This year, for the sixth time, the Auer Festival will be held in Veszprém between 13 and 16 August. The festival honours the memory of Auer Lipót, who was a world-renowned Veszprém-born violinist and music teacher. More Shorter

The aim of the organizer, Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra, is to bring artists to Veszprém's beautiful city, who are the most prominent artists of classical music and play at most famous concert halls of the world.

Since 2015, world-famous artists have paid tribute to Auer's memory in Veszprém - Vadim Repin, Mischa Maisky, Borodin String Quartet, Yuri Bashmet, Zoltán Kocsis, Kristóf Baráti, Barnabás Kelemen, Dezső Ránki, Keller Quartet, Ray Chen – just to name a few.

Veszprém-born Auer Lipot (1845 - 1930) was a Hungarian violinist, conductor, composer and music teacher, an important figure in the world of musical life, the Czar’s court violinist, the state councillor, the professor of music at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, the director and conductor of the Russian Music Society. Countries, kings and sultans competed to hear his performance. He was the father of the method known as the "Russian Violin School", which launched an unprecedented success story. Among his greatest disciples is the name of Jascha Heifetz and Nathan Milstein. They were proud of their friendship, the dominant composers of the era: Tchaikovsky, Rubinstein, Rimsky-Korzhov, Ferenc Liszt and Sergei Rachmaninov. Auer was both an artist and a teacher, Christian and Jewish, Russian and American. And, of course, he was Hungarian, because he confessed that "the affiliation of every artist is decided by the domestic lump".

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Brusznyai u. 2.
Date of event:08/13/2020 - 08/16/2020
Organizer Name: Mendelssohn Kamarazenekar
Organizer Address: 8200 Veszprém, Brusznyai u. 2.
Organizer Email:
Organizer Web:

ST. MICHAELS'S FEAST DAY (09/26/2020 - 09/27/2020)

The annual St. Michael’s folk art and craft fair will be organized in the Castle of Veszprém on the 26th and 27th of September. More Shorter

Veszprém, being a town of traditions, fosters its local traditions, dancers and craftsmen with a fair on the Day of Archangel Michael. Everybody can find something to his or her taste at the fair: quality, handmade crafts, jewellery and laces.

Enjoy the flavours of old times and the amusing programs held in the Castle of Veszprém with your family and your friends!

A detailed programme will be published later!

Address: Veszprém óvárosa
Date of event:09/26/2020 - 09/27/2020
VII. Bakony Expo

VII. BAKONY EXPO (11/13/2020 - 11/15/2020)

With the slogan”…the taste of nature – the product of the region” the 6th Bakony Expo’s going to be organized for the 7th time in 2020 from 13. till 15. November. More Shorter

If november, then it’s time for Bakony Expo again; We can enjoy the goods and gourmandism of the Bakony Hill and the Balaton Uplands trough three days in the Veszprém Aréna. The Bakony Expo invites you and your family on a whole weekend adventure for the 7th time.

Detailed programme later!

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Külső-Kádártai str.
Date of event:11/13/2020 - 11/15/2020

SCENTED ADVENT IN VESZPRÉM (11/28/2020 - 12/24/2020)

Christmas fair in Veszprém! We would like to invite you to our cultural programs and to our Christmas fair, where you can smell gingerbread everywhere. We are waiting for those who are preparing for Christmas every day during the Advent season. More Shorter

Programs and gastro experience for the whole family.

Handmade products and other goods offer you a gastro experience: hot wine, roasted chestnuts, pork, roasted sausage, hake, fish soup, filled scone and pastry horn.

Veszprém will be decorated with festival lights this year, as well.

Date: 28 November-24 December 2020

Detailed program later.

Address: 8200 Veszprém
Date of event:11/28/2020 - 12/24/2020